Pillar of Defense

As I was preparing the Bloodthirsty Puppy’s breakfast and my coffee this morning, I turned on the radio to hear the latest news. It was NPR’s 6 AM update. They carried a BBC report on the battle between Israel and the terrorist goons in Gaza.

There was only one problem. The BBC report featured only an account from a reporter in Gaza City, and his report featured largely hearsay. Buildings were destroyed, children may have been injured. But not a single word—not even a thought—toward the families in Israel huddled underground from the incessant rocket fire. What, BBC doesn’t have reporters in Israel? NPR didn’t think to ask?

That’s okay. We’re here:

Gazan terrorists fired volley after volley of rockets on Southern towns on Saturday, as red alert sirens wailed repeatedly, warning residents to flee for cover.

According to Israel radio, over 60 rockets have fallen on the South on the fourth day of Operation Pillar of Defensive. The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted 15 of the rockets.

In the afternoon alone, four rockets landed in Ashdod, lightly injuring 4 people and causing damage to a house. Houses were also damaged in Eshkol and Be’er Tuviya. Six rockets hit Beersheba, and four others in the vicinity were shot down.

In total, Palestinians fired 670 rockets toward the Jewish state since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense on Wednesday, but only around 30 landed in built-up areas. Iron Dome intercepted over 215 projectiles in total, maintaining a 90% intercept rate.

I’m not sure how they get 90%, but no matter. Iron Dome is getting some, others miss their targets (if they have targets)—and some are getting through:

Update from the Ashdod rocket attack: Seven people were lightly injured when a rocket struck a four-story apartment building in Ashdod. The victims were rushed to the hospital. Seven others were treated for shock.

Meanwhile, the Hamass hooligans continue to use civilian areas as skirts to hide behind while firing their missiles [Note: YouTube considers this a sensitive video, and requires proof of age to watch it, but all it is is missiles firing from a residential area]:

Terrorists from the Al-Quds Brigades, a radical Jihadist group operating from the Gaza Strip, are firing rockets at Israel from within urban living areas in Gaza. The video, uploaded only yesterday to the official Al-Quds channel, asserts the repeated and unapologetic use of the “human shield” tactics by terror organizations operating from Gaza.

By operating from densely populated areas, these terrorists willingly endanger the innocent civilians living around them. As seen in the video — regular living areas, like a park surrounded by apartments, all become terror sites. Imagine raising your children in a neighborhood where terrorists shoot rockets from the local playground.

Yes, imagine. Israelis don’t have to. They see it all too clearly.

Compare and contrast with this:


  1. Jeanette said,

    November 18, 2012 @ 5:19 am

    “I’m not sure how they get 90%, but no matter. Iron Dome is getting some, others miss their targets (if they have targets)”

    Each Iron Dome consists of a fixed radar, control center and up to three launchers. It intercepts missiles which are on course to hit populated areas. Those that are not going to hit real targets are simply ignored. At $35,000 per missile they are just too expensive to waste on protecting a field, a cow shed or a chicken-coop. Although exorbitantly expensive the cost of the damage to life and property is far greater.

    In addition, there are only five batteries active at present – the fifth having been rushed into use only two days ago (two months ahead of schedule) to protect the greater Tel Aviv area. There are not yet enough batteries to cover the whole of Israel, which leaves many areas unprotected. In the next few years the Israeli air force will be doubling their number to ten batteries.

    [In parallel work is continuing on other anti-missile missiles, namely David’s Sling (medium altitude) and Arrow III (very high altitude), which has been undergoing flight tests.]

  2. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    November 18, 2012 @ 6:32 am

    Thank you, Jeanette. My query about the 90% had to do with the numbers quoted in the story (which didn’t add up to 90% of anything). But now I understand that the IDF has to be selective in the use of Iron Dome missiles, and that their success rate is 90% of rockets they actually shoot at.

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