Hey, Hey, LBJ! How Many Brain-Dead Liberals Did You Shtup Today?

Says the woman who (allegedly) slept with LBJ:

DORIS KEARNS-GOODWIN: I wish we could go back to the time when the private lives of our public figures were relevant only if they directly affected their public responsibilities. What would we have done if FDR had not been our leader because he had an affair with Lucy Mercer? Think of the productive years that Clinton could have had if Monica Lewinsky hadn’t derailed them. We’ve got to figure out a way that we give a private sphere for our public leaders. We’re not gonna get the best people in public life if we don’t do that. This thing is really sad. This man was a great general, a great leader, and for his career to come to an end because of a private matter that affects his family and him and evidently doesn’t have national security concerns. I don’t know how you unravel it, but I wish we could.

No offense to the general, but his “bit of stuff” was spilling national security secrets like she pumps iron: liberally! What the hell is Goodwin talking about? And the only thing productive about Clinton were his testes.

It takes Bob Woodward of all people—he of the unnamed source and the recreated dialog—to remind people that a CIA director is in a vulnerable position if he’s caught inserting his special force into a hot zone!

BOB WOODWARD: Unfortunately, for the CIA Director, he has special status and he’s got to be clean. He can’t be blackmailed or threatened or even deal with the anxiety, “My God, are they gonna find out about her?” And he did the right thing.

Seriously, John Kennedy boinked anything with a hole and a heartbeat, and she had to settle (allegedly) for Lyndon Johnson. That’s got to mess with your mind.

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