Barack Saddam Obama

Was this in Philadelphia or in Tikrit?

As the Philadelphia Inquirer first reported last week, six of Philadelphia’s 66 wards handed the president victory shares of 99 percent or better. In 20 of the wards, the Obama vote totals exceeded 97 percent.

On Monday, the Inquirer reported that in 59 of Philadelphia’s “divisions” — these are subsets of wards, wherein fewer than 1,000 people might be registered to vote — GOP nominee Mitt Romney failed to win even a single vote. Collectively, the votes for Obama across these divisions added up to 19,605, to Romney’s zero.

“I don’t find it hard to believe that there are neighborhoods in the United States where President Obama got 97 to 99 percent of the vote — basically all African-Americans,” said Michael Barone, a Fox News contributor who is the longtime editor of The Almanac of American Politics. “There are such neighborhoods, and you can see them in central-city, black ghetto (areas).”

However, Barone noted that turnout rates in these areas was sometimes reported to have exceeded 90 percent, a level of enthusiasm that he said should arouse suspicion. “Philadelphia’s been a place that’s had some pretty irregular election procedures in the past,” he said.

What’d you say, cracka?

A Fox News analysis found that in some inner-city areas of Illinois, the vote totals for the president more or less matched those seen in Philadelphia.

In 10 of Chicago’s 50 wards, for example, the Obama-Biden ticket captured 98 percent of the vote or more. In six of those wards, the figure climbed to 99 percent.

Because of course Obama has done so much for black Americans. (Black unemployment jumped almost a full percentage point last month.)

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