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It’s Unexpected!™

Planned lay-offs rise to 5 month high

The number of planned layoffs by firms jumped 41.1 percent in October to the highest level in five months, although the number includes more than 10,000 jobs in U.S.-owned auto plants in Europe, a report said on Thursday.
Employers announced 47,724 planned job cuts last month, up from September’s 33,816, according to the report from consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. It was the highest level since May.
U.S. automotive companies said they will let go of 11,615 workers, though that includes 10,900 Ford layoffs that will affect workers in Belgium and the United Kingdom.
The planned layoffs were modestly higher than the 42,759 announced in October last year. The total for the year so far stands at 433,725, down from 521,823 for the same period in 2011.

You’re probably wondering about the weekly jobless claims. Me too. They’re hard to locate. Apparently they’ve gone down 9,000, but the previous week was adjusted upward 3,000. AND NY and NJ were unable to report, due to Hurricane Sandy. So these are bogus numbers. As usual. Hamsters think that after the election the upward adjustments will be much larger. They’ve taken to reading the newspapers at the bottom of their cage.

But Obama looks awesome touring the flood damage in New Jersey. He’s such a great guy.

- Aggie


Didja Hear the One About…?


It’ll kill ya:

At a fundraiser in Hollywood Sunday night, former Democratic Florida Rep. Alan Grayson used rape jokes to raise money for his congressional campaign.

Grayson, an acerbically partisan one-term congressman who is hoping to return to the House two years after being voted out of office, was in attendance at his fundraiser at the Hollywood Improv, where comedians, including Sarah Silverman, spat out jokes in support of Grayson’s campaign.

The five comedians there to support Grayson performed jokes that were edgy, raunchy and sometimes funny. That’s standard fare for the comedy club circuit. Topics that would be out of bounds to joke about in normal conversation are covered in abundance when the lights dim on the stand-up stage. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. What’s unusual is that 10 days before Election Day, a congressional candidate would raise money from an event full of rape jokes.

[Sarah] Silverman joked that rape victims are “traditionally not complainers” and the worst that could happen is ”after a show a woman might come up to you and say, ‘Look, I’m a victim of rape … and I thought that joke was insensitive and inappropriate and totally my fault.’”

I had to use discretion to find one of her jokes to repeat here. But then, Silverman makes a living off rape jokes. “I was raped by a doctor. [pause] Which is, you know, so bittersweet for a Jewish girl.”

But why stop there?

Moving away from rape jokes, Silverman told the crowd of just under 100 that they must remember that both conservatives and liberals want the best for the country, even if liberals are more “open-minded” and conservatives are “less open-minded” and ” a little more “faggot-ish.”

But, “I pray for them,” she said.

“Just the other night I was praying for the literally billions — billions — of teeny, tiny Republicans that die every single year in hookers’ a**holes.”

This is who Silverman is, take her or leave her. I just find it a little odd that a supposed mainstream political hopeful (which Grayson isn’t, admittedly) would elect to be associated with her.

PS: As Gay Patriot notes, the lack of condemnation by gay activists is deafening:

As you recall, two days after Sarah Palin’s daughter used the epithet, “faggot” on Facebook, the Human Rights Campaign called on that teen’s mother to speak up. ”As a mother,” said HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz, Mrs. Palin…

…should know to speak up when a child makes hateful remarks, particularly in this cyber age. Anti-LGBT bullying needs to stop and Sarah Palin should be a part of making that happen.

I searched HRC’s site; they have yet to call on the left-wing comedienne to ”speak up.” Wonder why that is.

PPS: Silverman is also the one who organized the “Great Schlep” in 2008: the campaign to encourage young Jews to badger their retired elders in Florida to vote for Obama.