Newton’s Third Law

On those rare occasions when the press exerts itself, action is met by an equal and opposite reaction:

After a visit by Attorney General Eric Holder to the Justice Department Voting Section yesterday, a reporter attempting to ask Holder questions about the visit was threatened by one of Holder’s bodyguards. Holder was visiting the Voting Section of the DOJ to pose for photographs with the attorneys who will be enforcing federal election law over the last two weeks of the presidential campaign.

The photos are expected to be delivered to the staff with a personalized note from the attorney general.

“Mr. Attorney General, do you think is appropriate to be taking pictures with DOJ lawyers who will be enforcing election laws during President Obama’s reelection?” Schoffstall asks Holder, who was just inches away. “Do you think that is appropriate Mr. Holder?”

After Schoffstall’s questions are ignored, and Holder is in the SUV, an unidentified uniformed security officer in Holder’s detail aggressively confronts and threatens Schoffstall.

“Hey sir, they gonna be nice to you, I’m not,” says the officer, as he shunts Schoffstalll backwards across the public sidewalk on G Street.

“This is a public sidewalk,” Schoffstall insists. After shunting Schoffstall backwards off the sidewalk, the officer says, “It’s not a public sidewalk now; you’re standing on federal government property.”

As you can see from all the passersby in the video, it is clearly a public sidewalk. And why the AG is rallying the troops is a good question!

I don’t begrudge bodyguards keeping their charges safe—which is what the suits were doing. The goon who threatened the reporter went way beyond that.

No wonder Holder saw nothing wrong with the Black Panthers engaging in voter intimidation in 2008.


  1. Joe said,

    October 24, 2012 @ 1:09 am

    Anyone who has travelled extensively through Africa as I have done will recognise the Idi Amin syndrome which seems to take hold over some people once they have a whiff of power.As someone who lives outside of the US I was horrified to see that the debates which are so widely punted as democracy in action only included two of the presidential contenders, with one of the other contenders being arrested by police for attempting to get into the debating hall. Not very democratic at all !

  2. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    October 24, 2012 @ 6:01 am

    Well, Joe, they were called the Lincoln-Douglas debates back in the day. Not the Lincoln-Douglas-Whatsis-Whosis-McGillicuddy debates. Personally, I’m relieved to no end that we don’t have a parliamentary system, with all the splinter parties dividing the electorate. Anyway, there were plenty of debates among the Republicans back in the primaries. But I’ll allow that presidential debates are more of a show than anything else.

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