Workers of the World Resign!

Aggie, I hope your hamsters™ had a relaxing flight back from California, where they conducted an extensive search for those layoffs that went missing last week. They’ll need their strength in the Wheel of Misfortune™ later this morning.

If you were laid off from your investment banking job, CNN wants you to know that was a benefit to society:

Fast food workers. Telemarketers. Investment bankers. These professions have the highest share of employees who say their jobs make the world a worse place…

That’s right. Candy Crowley’s network wants you to take that fast food or investment banking job and shove it. Hang up the phone, telemarketers, and pick up your EBT card. Make the world a better place. (Something tells me CNN expects a bad jobs report?)

PS: If I don’t want a Whopper, I don’t buy one. If a telemarketer calls, I hang up (politely, but immediately), and make sure I’m still on the do-not-call list. If an investment banker wants me to buy swampland in Florida, I decline. It’s pretty easy. As a liberal, I scorned those who held these jobs. As a recovering liberal, and in this ObamEconomy, I would be ashamed to say or think such a thing.

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