All-Lie McBeal Lies Again!

It depends on the meaning of the word “law”:

Elizabeth Warren and her supporters have mounted an argument that what she did at her office in Cambridge for private litigants was not the practice of law.

Warren herself, when confronted by a reporter after it was revealed she had no Massachusetts law license, claimed she was not practicing law. Her campaign later clarified that she was not practicing law “in Massachusetts” when she practiced law at her Cambridge office. Warren denies ever appearing in a Court located in Massachusetts.

That defense is becoming more and more comical as more facts come out showing that as far back as 1995 Warren used her Cambridge office to render legal services for which she was paid at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. Warren still refused to disclose the full extent of her legal practice, pretending that all she did was write a few briefs.

Yet Warren’s legal practice from her Cambridge office clearly went beyond merely appearing as “Of counsel” or Counsel on Briefs.

New documents uncovered from the 2001 bankruptcy of GAF reveal that Warren was hired as a Special Legal Consultant to the Asbestos Claimant’s Committee. It’s not clear what that Committee did (i.e., were the “claimants” individuals or corporate entities), but what is clear is that Warren rendered legal services and advice.

Warren made five requests for compensation for services rendered May 2002 through January 2003, totalling $14,175, for “Professional Legal Services” which were described in detail in billing records attached to the requests, and included consultation and review of various motions.

I wonder if Betty Buckskin isn’t a member of a tribe after all: Mesothelioma.

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