Remember This Post? “Gas Prices Jump, But Good News Expected”

Sure you do, it was only four days ago. I wondered why the media hyped the rise in gas prices under Bush, yet held a pep rally for gas prices under Obama: good news expected.

And then gas jumped a dime at every station in my area.

So what does a brown-nosing media do? Blames meteorology:

Gas prices rose another 2.2 cents a gallon nationwide Thursday in the wake of Hurricane Isaac’s landfall along the oil-producing Gulf Coast.

The increase, reported by the motorist group AAA, was less than half the prior day’s rise, as refineries in the region shut down to prepare for the storm.

Experts say the price spike is likely to be short lived, especially since the winds associated with the Category 1 storm were not believed to have caused lasting damage to the refineries in the region. Isaac was downgraded to a tropical storm Wednesday afternoon after lashing Louisiana and Mississippi earlier in the day.

Short-lived? Downgraded? No lasting damage? I thought Isaac was committing genocide against the black community. Now it sounds like a spring mist.

And we’re still expecting that good news, mainstream media. Waiting…

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