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The Arab Spring And The Obama Administration Have Made Us Safer!!!

Do you recall the Iranian students dying on the streets, begging the Obama administration to help them? I do. Barry did nothing. He went after Khadaffi and Mubarak, our sort-of allies, but refused to go after the people that really, unconditionally hate us. Things are really looking up.

Iran is preparing for a direct attack on Saudi Arabia should Syria’s Bashar Assad be in danger of falling to rebel forces that the Islamic regime believes are being supported by the Arab kingdom, according to a source within Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Iran also blames the Saudis for unrest in two of its provinces.

“Dozens of Iranian ballistic missiles have been preprogrammed to hit Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia,” the source said. “Qatar will also be hit at the same time as it is directly involved with the events in Syria.”

Iranian officials have increased their verbal attacks recently on Saudi Arabia, seeing the monarchy as behind the unraveling in Syria and the suppression of the Shiite uprising in Bahrain.

“A change of regime in Syria is but a delusion,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi in a meeting on Sunday with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al Moallem. Salehi said Iran will fully support the Syrian regime, according to the Keyhan newspaper, which is directly under the supervision of the Iranian supreme leader.

Salehi claimed the Syrian civil war and the push for regime change are being spearheaded by Israel. “It’s surprising that the regional regimes [referring to Saudi Arabia and Qatar] have taken the same position as the Zionist regime,” Salehi said.

According to the source, the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is heating up and the Guards’ intelligence unit has arrested several people in the Iranian provinces of Khuzestan and Azerbaijan. Under interrogation, the suspects admitted to plans for armed rebellion from those two regions to create conditions similar to those in Syria, the source said.

Khuzestan Province, home to a large Arab-Iranian population and a major oil-producing region, has been a hotbed of Arab separatism, which the central government has suppressed.

Some people may not realize this, but Iranians are Persians, not Arabs. They don’t like each other on a good day, and happily go to war against each other other times. But they sponsor Hezballah (Party of God, in Arabic) and Hezballah is taking over Lebanon from Syria. So it’s one big happy Umma. And the brilliant Obama administration has done a swell job of managing this so that there won’t be a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and so that our oil supplies won’t be disrupted. He’s the most brilliant, transparent, all-knowing President Evah!!

- Aggie

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