Barack Bluessein Obama

Aw, poor B-HO:

Forsaking his annual vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to campaign for re-election, US President Barack Obama has admitted to a bit of holiday blues as his daughters head off to summer camp.

Obama said he was going to spend most of the summer campaigning ahead of the November 6 election and to make matters worse his daughters Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, were soon going to be flying the White House nest.

“So they’ve got a sleep-away camp for a month, both of them are leaving,” the president said in an interview with CBS television. “We’re going to be, you know, experiencing the first stages of empty nest syndrome.”

Asked if he was ready for that, Obama replied with a smile: “Well, I get a little depressed.”

I feel for the guy. Although all the Vineyard reservations were booked, he cancelled them. Did he forget there was an election this summer, or did he think we’d call it off and “deem” him reelected? Very strange.

But, boy, does he know how to cope with depression!

President Obama headed out at midday today to play golf. Its his tenth time playing this year and the 102nd outing of his presidency.

So, that’s two straight days of campaigning, followed by 18 holes of golf. Thank God Hillary likes to work!

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