“The Idiot” and the “Old Woman”

I’m just not quite sure who is which:

A Somali Islamist terror group is offering rewards of chickens and camels for information on the whereabouts of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, mocking the millions of dollars the United States has offered for leaders of the al Qaeda affiliate.

Fuad Muhammad Khalaf of the Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement in Somalia made the offer after Friday prayers, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant organizations.

“Whoever reveals the hideout of the idiot Obama will be rewarded with 10 camels, and whoever reveals the hideout of the old woman Hillary Clinton will be rewarded 10 chickens and 10 roosters,” he said, according to SITE.

Can I get that with a side of creamed spinach and some corn bread? Last time you forgot the corn bread.

I may want all terrorists dead (don’t think poorly of me—it’s what they want too), but I have to tip my keffiyeh to their sense of humor. Only whoever says inflation is tamed hasn’t looked at the price on Obama’s head: 10 camels? Why, when I was a boy…

Don’t worry, Mr President. We’ll never give away your location:

President Obama this afternoon went golfing for the 99th time of his presidency.

Ninety-nine rounds of golf in three years,
Ninety-nine rounds of golf!
If one of those rounds should be disqualified,
Ninety-eight rounds of golf in three years!

PS: That’s the Old Woman sorted—now where’s the Idiot?

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