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Talk About a To-Do List!!!

1) Raise money.
2) Raise more money.
3) What part of 1 and 2 didn’t you get?

9:15 am ET || Departs White House
10:45 am CT || Arrives Minneapolis, Minnesota
11:45 am CT || Tours Honeywell’s Golden Valley facility; Golden Valley, Minnesota
12:10 pm CT || Delivers remarks urging Congress to act on the “To Do List”
1:15 pm CT || Speaks at a fundraiser; Bachelor Farmer Restaurant; Minneapolis, Minnesota
1:50 pm CT || Attends a fundraiser; Bachelor Farmer Restaurant
2:25 pm CT || Attends a fundraiser; Bachelor Farmer Restaurant
3:20 pm CT || Departs Minnesota
4:20 pm CT || Arrives Chicago
6:10 pm CT || Speaks at a fundraiser; Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois
7:25 pm CT || Speaks at a fundraiser; private residence, Chicago, Illinois
8:55 pm CT || Speaks at a fundraiser; private residence, Chicago, Illinois

That’s six fundraisers—six!—in one day, three of them at the same restaurant, 35 minutes apart. Do they have timed seatings where they file dopey donors in and out? What if you haven’t finished your pie?

Nice of him to throw in a little of the nation’s business while he’s at it:

12:10 pm CT || Delivers remarks urging Congress to act on the “To Do List”

Hey, if you think he’s busy shaking down every last dollar, you should see the missus:

First Lady Michelle Obama will be hitting the road next week to raise some money and inspire Obama campaign volunteers. No doubt an event or two with some hefty kids jumping around will be thrown in for good measure.

Michelle will be in New York City Wednesday, June 6, for a fundraiser and then zip down to Philadelphia to “meet with Obama campaign volunteers,” according to her newly released schedule.

The following day she will head out to the Washington, DC suburb of Manassas, Virginia to gin up some more volunteers, and then late in the afternoon will attend a fundraiser in Washington at a private residence.

I know, I know, it’s a reelection. The guy’s gotta campaign. And goodness knows, having to defeat a Mormon Republican with the personality of a Ken doll is an uphill battle!

I just wonder if he could work a little harder at his day job?

Investor Warren Buffett and actor George Clooney have logged more face time with President Barack Obama than the person tasked with executing the President’s war on drugs, White House visitor records show.

Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator Michelle M Leonhart has met with Obama at the White House only once, back in June 2011. Buffett meanwhile, has met with Obama at the White House four times since 2010, and Clooney has met with the President twice.

This data comes courtesy of a new searchable database built by the Washington Post that pulls information from

No wonder he’s barely met her—she came with the place!

Leonhart, who served as acting DEA administrator under President George W. Bush, was renominated to that position by Obama on Feb. 2, 2010. Yet according to White House visitor logs, Leonhart did not meet with the president before or after her nomination.

Leonhart has visited the White House only three times since Obama took office and the ONDCP’s office five times, which suggests she spends far less time communicating face-to-face with White House staffers than do the heads of other agencies. For instance: Rajen Anand, head of the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, has logged 14 visits to the White House; FDA Director Margaret A. Hamburg, meanwhile, has logged 69 visits to the White House—three of them with Obama.

You ever thought of killing two birds with one stone, Mr President? The DEA seizes a lot of drugs, right? And you’re a little short of campaign scratch. See what I’m thinking? You guys sold guns to Mexican drug lords, so… I’m sure I don’t need to draw you a picture. Maybe call it Operation High and Hilarious.