From the Depths of Their Soles

Someone call the UN Human Rights Council! (They’ll get right on it in 2015, after the 23 pending complaints against Israel are passed overwhelmingly.)

The trial of admitted Norway mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was disrupted Friday when a brother of one of the 77 people killed in last summer’s massacre threw a shoe at the defendant.

“You killed my brother. Go to hell! Go to hell,” the spectator yelled as he threw the shoe, which missed Breivik but hit one of his defense lawyers, Vibeke Hein Baera, who was sitting closest to the courtroom spectators, according to a report from Views and News from Norway.

“If someone wants to throw something at me, do it at me while I’m entering or leaving, and not at my lawyer,” Breivik said, according to a report from BBC News.

Police escorted the thrower, who was not identified, from the courtroom, but his actions were greeted by applause and shouts of “Bravo!” by others spectators, reports said.

Views and News, citing Norway’s VG Nett, reported that the shoe thrower lives outside of Norway and had flown into Oslo on Wednesday so he could be at the trial when his brother’s autopsy was presented.

Some reports said the shoe thrower was from Iraq, a country where the action is seen as a grave insult because the bottom of shoes are unclean.

That’s okay in Iraq—you guys sure showed George Bush!—but a single airborne shoe hardly matches the horror of Breivik’s crimes. A few herring might be more culturally appropriate, or a few blows from an old-fashioned baseball bat with a few rusty nails driven through it.

But a single Cole-Haan penny loafer, size 10 1/2 E? Come on…

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