Hate Speech!

May I, Buck?


Initially, Barack had tuned out the presidential talk, too. But he was just as disappointed with the U.S. Senate as he had been with the state senate—he had gone to Washington to do big things, but he was a junior member of a slow, rule-bound, Republican-controlled body. ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’ he wrote to an aide, in the middle of a particularly long-winded oration. (The speaker was Senator Joe Biden.)

Isn’t that precious? The United States Senate was too small for him. He had served less than one term, only two years of which in the minority party, and he was already bored. Now, I know Joe Biden will do that to a person, but if your goal is really just to help people, can’t you find a way? And is the honor of serving as a US Senator really all washed away in a few months’ time? I’m surprised he still wants to be president. Emperor would be more fitting.

Anyhow, Joe got his own back:

Not such a big effing deal after all, eh Joe?

PS: Don’t you love how the mainstream media ferrets out these embarrassing episodes in Obama’s life? Me neither. This is from Jodi Kantor’s book, which ha been out only a few weeks. But the dog-eating story has been out there for years (even in his own voice on the book on tape!), and no one thought fit to mention it till just now! I haven’t read the thing, but maybe it has the same effect on readers that Obama’s speechifying has on Biden.

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  1. Buck O'Fama said,

    April 24, 2012 @ 6:26 pm

    You know what wouldn’t be too small for Barack the Magnificent Ego – Jupiter! How about we build him a nice spaceship and send him off so he can orbit Jupiter and rule it from above – the king and his subjects! Maybe we can put a really smart talking computer on board to keep him company…..

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