GOP: Grilling Our Police

To hear Biden tell it:

Biden spoke at a dinnertime gathering at his official Washington residence, where he hosted more than 100 federal, state and local police officers and firefighters.

“You’re stuck in a God-awful mess, and so It doesn’t make sense to us that that would be happening at a time when the need for y’all actually would be increasing,” Biden said, adding that was why the administration pushed for added public safety spending in the first recovery act.

Biden referred to lawmakers who always vote against funding for local law enforcement. “At least they’re consistent,” he said, rapping those who stopped supporting the funding in tight fiscal times.

“They walked away because they didn’t like the way we were paying for it,” Biden said, referring to tax increases on the rich.

Biden said it’s a question of public safety, but also of first responder safety.

“There’s one thing we know: the more cops on the street, the fewer cops get killed. The more firefighters responding to a fire, the fewer injuries to the firefighters, because you have each other’s backs,” Biden said.

“The first guy who’s going to have a problem is the guy whose $3 million home is on fire and you can’t get a truck out there. The first guy that’s going to have a problem is the person who has real assets and finds their house burglarized or robbed, or their Porsche is stolen,” Biden said. “I’m not very subtle; I find it absolutely beyond my understanding.”

Though Biden’s remarks were partisan and clearly designed to curry political favor with firefighters and police, the gathering was billed as an official event and paid for by taxpayers.

What’s with the “y’all”? Did he borrow his boss’s Optional Negro Dialect (© Harry Reid)? Similarly, he borrowed his boss’s (and his boss’s wife’s) habit of turning state business into a campaign appearance, paid for by the taxpayer.

But the one trait he has that his boss doesn’t have is sympathy for the police. To Obama, they just “act stupidly”. (Unlike the Vice President?)

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