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So far, so good:

President Barack Obama talks with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer after arriving at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012, in Mesa, Ariz. Brewer greeted Obama and what she got was a book critique. Of her book. The two leaders engaged in an intense conversation at the base of Air Force One’s steps. Both could be seen smiling, but speaking at the same time. Asked what the conversation was about, Brewer, a Republican, said: “He was a little disturbed about my book.” Brewer recently published a book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” something of a memoir that describes her years growing up and defends her signing of Arizona’s controversial law cracking down on illegal immigrants, which Obama opposes. Brewer also handed Obama an envelope with a handwritten invitation for Obama to return to Arizona to meet her for lunch and to join her for a visit to the border.

And then:

Host: Tell us what happened.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ): Well, I was there to greet him. I was the first in line as he came off the plane. He came down, he said ‘Hello Jan.’ I told him, ‘Mr. President, welcome to Arizona and we kept the sun up for you.’ And it was a beautiful day in Arizona. And I said, ‘We appreciate you being here and the bottom line is I’d like the opportunity to sit down to talk to him about the great Arizona comeback and the things that we have done here and job growth, etc. etc.

I explained to him how we have turned Arizona around and that we both love our country. I know that he loves our country, I love our country. And he brought up my book. And he was a little tense.

He said that he had read the excerpt and he didn’t think that I was very cordial. And I said, ‘Well, we agreed on that day to disagree.’ And he was somewhat thin-skinned and a little tense, to say the least. And I don’t remember — I was trying to be calm. You know, that picture (Brewer pointing her finger at Obama) is very interesting but I don’t remember actually doing that. And he moved on down the line.

I’ll have to ask the ladyfolk: is his posture as condescending as I think it looks? Is he practically saying “sweetie”?

I don’t know about scorpions for breakfast, but I bet she could have his nuts for lunch—a light lunch to be sure—sauteed with a little rattlesnake and gila liver.


  1. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    January 26, 2012 @ 7:52 am

    Yes, condescending because he is too close and because he is leaning over her and touching her.

    – Aggie

  2. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    January 26, 2012 @ 10:03 am

    In the first picture, Brewer is smiling, and I bet she’s every bit as welcoming as she said she was. The text of her letter would prove that, if it could be verified. So, it was Obama who picked the fight. No one would have ever heard of her book had he not so petulantly brought it up. Now, I hope it’s a NY Times best seller.


  3. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    January 26, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    I listened to a radio interview that she gave after this incident, and her telling of the story is just as you guessed, BTL. She wants him to help the people of Arizona to deal with the drug runners and he is apparently furious with her.

    Elections have consequences.

    – Aggie

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