Torturing Libyans Americans Won’t Torture

Drunk drivers, welcome.

Rapists, mi casa es su casa.

Forgers and identity thieves, set a spell.

A son of a Libyan strongmen? Somebody call the cops!

The Mexican authorities say they have stopped a plot by a criminal gang organisation to smuggle one of the sons of Libya’s ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi into the country.

Saadi Gaddafi has been under house arrest in the West African state of Niger since he fled Libya in September.

His lawyer, Nick Kaufman, denied Mr Gaddafi had ever tried to flout a UN travel ban and escape.

Mexican officials say the plot came to light through intelligence reports.

It involved buying a number of properties in Mexico, including one near the resort of Puerto Vallarta, using false names and documents, they said.

Now, it would appear this particular son of Muammar (who had more offspring than Obama, Sr.) was not intimately involved in the family business. But I find it surprising that he’s the one guy who can’t get his toes wet in the Rio Grande. (To be fair to Mexico, they are way, way more serious about their southern border than their northern one.)

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