Ring Around the Cholera

I’m not proud—I know I have a problem—but this story reminds me of the old AIDS joke (I told you I had a problem). What’s the hardest thing about being diagnosed with AIDS? Trying to convince your parents you’re Haitian.

Haiti’s cholera outbreak has spread to the country’s largest prison, the International Committee of the Red Cross has said.

Thirty inmates have been infected and 10 have died in the last four days, the ICRC added, quoted by AFP news agency.

There are fears that the death toll could rise substantially in the overcrowded facility, which houses around 2,000 prisoners.

Almost 1,200 people have died in the outbreak, which began last month.

On Friday another 76 deaths were reported, bringing the total to 1,186, the health ministry said.

The epidemic has triggered protests among local people. Some Haitians blame United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal for bringing cholera to the country – a claim denied by the UN.

On Thursday police fired tear gas as demonstrators set up barricades and threw rocks at United Nations vehicles. Clashes on Monday in the north left two people dead.

Cholera is present in all 10 of Haiti’s regions.

Deny all you want, UN. This fellow calls you out:

A Swedish diplomat claimed on Wednesday that Haiti’s cholera outbreak originated in Nepal.

“Unfortunately that is the case. It has proved that the cholera came from Nepal,” Claes Hammar, Sweden’s ambassador to Haiti, told daily Svenska Dagbladet.

Hammar, who visited Haiti two weeks ago, said the information came from “a diplomatic source. It is 100 per cent true. Tests were made and the source was traced to Nepal.”

On Tuesday, neighbouring Dominican Republic reported its first case of cholera – that of a migrant worker from Haiti.

According to Partners in Health, Haiti has not had a documented case of cholera since the 1960s.

It had to come from somewhere. And wouldn’t you know they’re already exporting it.

The next time some punk is spouting off how fascistic Christopher Columbus was for bringing diseases to the indigenous Americans, tell him about how the UN is doing the same thing today. And then ask him why Columbus and his crew didn’t die en masse from indigenous diseases against which they had no immunity.

And then watch his head explode. It will remind you of Calvin’s (he of Hobbes) favorite bedtime book, Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie.

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  1. Joe O'Neill said,

    November 20, 2010 @ 3:40 am

    Cholera is an opportunistic disease , all it needs is the bug ( Brought in by someone), a non working sewage system and a basic lack of hygiene ( such as washing vegetables and cooking them properly and washing hand after taking a dump).A number of years back my job entailed travelling extensively in Africa where Cholera in allways around, my doctor informed me that as long as I observed basic hygiene I would be ok , and I was.It is no good playing the blame game, if the earthquake and hurricane had happened in a [developed] country I have no doubt that the survivors would have formed a work detail and dug latrines Etc, but because of who they are they just sat in Free donated tents and sh*t outside.

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