[Bleeping] with the Enemy

It’s interesting to me what this says—and what it doesn’t:

The UN said Friday that groups seeking to deliver aid to Gaza should send it by land, after Israel said it would prevent two ships seeking to break a blockade of the Palestinian enclave.

“There are established routes for supplies to enter by land. That is the way aid should be delivered to the people of Gaza,” United Nations spokesman Martin Nesirky told a press briefing.

That’s Israel’s position, and I’m glad the UN sees the reason of it, for once.

But aren’t we being told Gaza is being choked to death by the Israeli blockade—despite evidence of fully stocked shops and luxury malls? (We’ve covered that hypocrisy to death, no need to repeat it here.) Why would the UN, which devotes an entire agency (UNRWA) solely to the wants and needs of the Palestinians, urge others to collaborate with the imperialist, colonialist, Zionist entity?

It doesn’t make sense.

Maybe a little background will help:

Israel imposed the blockade in June 2006 after its soldier, Gilad Shalit, was captured by Gaza militants and tightened it a year later when Hamas seized power in the coastal strip.

In the wake of the May 31 incident, Israel has significantly eased the blockade, barring only arms and goods that could be used to create weapons or build fortifications, but it has maintained a naval blockade of the Strip.

So, is the UN tacitly approving Israel’s tactics to free Gilad Shalit? I say tacitly, because the next time the UN mentions Hamass’ criminal kidnapping of Shalit (and murder of two other Israelis) will be the first time, as far as I know.

Maybe… just maybe, the UN is listening:

The Spokesman of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) announces that today, July 18, 2010, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Eitan Dangot, and the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yossi Gal, met with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Baroness Catherine Ashton, at the Erez Crossing. During the meeting, Maj. Gen. Dangot elaborated on the steps taken in order to implement the government’s policies regarding the Gaza Strip and presented data on the daily entry of goods via the crossings.

Maj. Gen. Dangot described the increase in the volume of goods passing through the Kerem Shalom and Karni crossings. The Ministry of Defense Crossings Authority representative also emphasized that the capacity has been increased to 150 truckloads per day via Kerem Shalom, and that since July 4, construction work has been carried out by the Palestinian Authority on the Palestinian side of the crossing in order to increase the crossing’s capacity to 250 truckloads a day by July 31.

Hey, even the Palestinians are getting down with collaboration with the Zionist entity.

And why not? Collaboration works:

The Spokesperson for the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) announced today, July 19th 2010, that the equipment for the USAID greenhouse project as well as medical equipment for Shiffa hospital in Gaza City were delivered to the Gaza Strip.

The medical equipment to Shiffa hospital includes a CT scanner and an X-ray machine donated by the World Health Organization (WHO). The transfer was coordinated by the Coordination & Liaison Administration in Gaza.

In addition, materials for 3 greenhouses were transferred this morning into the Gaza Strip as part of the USAID project. The “Family Agricultural Greenhouses” project is intended to assist and support 900 families in the Gaza Strip as part of humanitarian efforts intended for the local population. This project is one of the 31 new projects that were approved following the Israeli Cabinet’s decision and authorized by the Palestinian Authority.


Did someone mention GREENHOUSES???

Palestinians looted dozens of greenhouses on Tuesday, walking off with irrigation hoses, water pumps and plastic sheeting in a blow to fledgling efforts to reconstruct the Gaza Strip.

American Jewish donors had bought more than 3,000 greenhouses from Israeli settlers in Gaza for $14 million last month and transferred them to the Palestinian Authority. Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, who brokered the deal, put up $500,000 of his own cash.

Palestinian police stood by helplessly Tuesday as looters carted off materials from greenhouses in several settlements, and commanders complained they did not have enough manpower to protect the prized assets. In some instances, there was no security and in others, police even joined the looters, witnesses said.

That was five years ago. I’m somewhat skeptical that the Palestinians have learned better to handle their own affairs, and somewhat mystified at America’s continued charity toward a people who reject, corrupt, and misuse it.

But then maybe… just maybe, the Palestinians have taken Gold Meir’s advice to heart, and have learned to love their children (or at least their broccoli) more than they hate Jews.

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  1. Saul Levy said,

    July 25, 2010 @ 11:43 am

    They still hate peas!

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