What Obama Hath Wrought

The president is not directly responsible, of course, but his prevaricating, evasions, and race-baiting sure as heck haven’t helped matters:

Minutemen groups, a surge in Border Patrol agents, and a tough new immigration law aren’t enough for a reputed neo-Nazi who’s now leading a militia in the Arizona desert.

Jason “J.T.” Ready is taking matters into his own hands, declaring war on “narco-terrorists” and keeping an eye out for illegal immigrants. So far, he says his patrols have only found a few border crossers who were given water and handed over to the Border Patrol. Once, they also found a decaying body in a wash, and alerted authorities.

But local law enforcement are nervous given that Ready’s group is heavily armed and identifies with the National Socialist Movement, an organization that believes only non-Jewish, white heterosexuals should be American citizens and that everyone who isn’t white should leave the country “peacefully or by force.”

“We’re not going to sit around and wait for the government anymore,” Ready said. “This is what our founding fathers did.”

So, they give water to illegal border crossers and report corpses to the authorities—and I didn’t see any swastikas.

But they’re there, we’re told:

Ready, a 37-year-old ex-Marine, is different. He and his friends are outfitted with military fatigues, body armor and gas masks, and carry assault rifles. Ready takes offense at the term “neo-Nazi,” but admits he identifies with the National Socialist Movement.

“These are explicit Nazis,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project. “These are people who wear swastikas on their sleeves.”

Lest you think I’m sympathetic, I ain’t:

The Anti-Defamation League also is worried. Its Arizona regional director Bill Straus told Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons, “The ADL’s concerned when any group that’s not trained sufficiently or untrained takes it upon themselves to enforce the law. When it’s J.T. Ready, National Socialists, neo-Nazis that take [on] that responsibility, the concern turns to fear. The fear of violence, let alone injustice, ramps up to a considerable degree.”

One of Ready’s posts on the web includes crude remarks about “stupid” white men and Blacks who work with Jews.

He has delved into politics and has come up with what may be a campaign slogan: “The Purity of the Aryan Race is the most precious resource nature has to offer all of humankind.”

I don’t know if he should be in jail (not knowing what laws he may have broken), but he sure as hell shouldn’t be armed, patrolling the border, thinking he’s protecting the nation.

That he is proves only that the federal government has abdicated its single most important role, national security and border control. Which is why we’d better learn how to say say “Sieg heil, y’all.”

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  1. Saul Levy said,

    July 20, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

    Aryan purity?

    They mean PURE HATE!

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