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This is Government on Crack

Go ahead and tell yourself it can’t happen here if it makes you feel better.

Yeah, I didn’t think it would:

During the period that Labour has been in office, mass immigration has simply changed the face of Britain. The total number of immigrants since 1997 is pushing three million.

Ministers claim that immigration policy has been driven principally to help the economy. They have always denied that they actually set out deliberately to change the ethnic composition of the country.

Well, now we know for a certainty that this is not true. The Government embarked on a policy of mass immigration to change Britain into a multicultural society – and they kept this momentous aim secret from the people whose votes they sought.

Worse still, they did this knowing that it ran directly counter to the wishes of those voters, whose concerns about immigration they dismissed as racist; and they further concealed official warnings that large-scale immigration would bring about significant increases in crime.

The truth about this scandal was first blurted out last October by Andrew Neather, a former Labour Party speechwriter.

The ‘driving political purpose’ of this policy, wrote Neather, was ‘to make the UK truly multicultural’ – and one subsidiary motivation was ‘to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.

It was done in the full knowledge that the people actually wanted immigration reduced.

And we also discover that those who expressed such concerns were dismissed with utter contempt as racists….

Can you believe that? A government set out with the deliberate intention of changing the culture of its country, covered up its intention, lied repeatedly, and accused anyone who opposed it of the most heinous hate crime imaginable.

Well, I can believe it.

It can’t happen here? Yeah, right. (Via Five Feet of Fury)

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How ‘Bout That Hockey, Eh?

Not a bad little game, that. And while I may have been rooting for USA, I didn’t exactly root against Canada.

Canada set the record for gold medals in the Winter Games with 14, and the US set the record for most medals overall with 37.

Félicitations and congratulations, Canada.


Tell Me a Story

“Once upon a time, when the bullets were flying all over the village, and the Zionist gangs were destroying everything…”

Ooh, I’m going to like this one:

On December 27, 2009, a show on the Lebanese Al-Quds TV channel featured a storyteller recounting tales of martyrdom to a studio audience of children, some of whom are seen holding guns (it is unclear if they are toys or are real). The hero of the story is Isma’il, a young boy who is killed by a “Jewish sniper” in a battle with “Zionist gangs that invaded [Palestinian] cities and villages, killing the young and the elderly.” Isma’il held his “beautiful new gun” firmly and said: “Let’s show those lowlifes what heroes we are.” Martyrdom is depicted as a thing of beauty; when Isma’il died, “the smile on his face was more beautiful than the moon. His eyes were full of tears, and his face was beautiful – more beautiful than in any game they played as children.”

Storyteller: “My dear children, there is not a single Palestinian village or city whose people do not know how to use a gun. Why? Because they have suckled this with their mother’s milk.

Child: “Abu Saleh, I like Isma’il a lot. I want to be just like him.”

Storyteller: “You are not the only one, my son, Musa. All the Palestinian youth want to be like Isma’il, but you must understand that some must remain in order to carry the banner. Some are martyred, and others continue [the struggle].

“Therefore, we will keep our heads high, and keep the name Palestine engraved in our minds and our hearts: P-A-L-E-S-T-I-N-E.”

That’s not how you spell Palestine. It’s J-O-R-D-A-N.

But suckling their mother’s milk through an AK-47 would explain a lot of the apparent brain damage young Palestinian men suffer from.


So We Can’t Control Nature Afterall?

Thank to reader, David, for sharing this with us. – Aggie

Actually, when it is convenient for the Left, we can control nature, but the evil George Bush refused to do so. When it is inconvenient, turns out we can’t.

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State-Run Health Insurance is a Great Idea!

Okay… if you say so:

Elizabeth Debski spent eight years as Everett’s city planner, before losing her job in 2006 when a newly elected mayor installed his own team.

But Debski did not leave City Hall empty-handed. In addition to her pension, Debski, at 42, walked away with city-subsidized health care insurance for life. If she lives into her 80s, as actuarial charts predict, taxpayers could pay more than $1 million in all for her family’s health care benefits.

That’s not to say Debski manipulated the system. She simply took what she was owed under a municipal health care system whose generous benefits and colossal inefficiencies are crippling cities and towns across Massachusetts.

A six-month review by the Globe found that municipal health plans, which cover employees, retirees, and elected officials, provide benefit levels largely unheard of in the private sector. Copays are much lower. Some communities do not force retirees onto Medicare at age 65. Many citizens on elected boards – some after serving as few as six years – receive coverage for life, too.

As medical costs across the board rose over the past decade, municipal health care expenses exploded, draining local budgets and forcing major cuts in services, higher property tax bills, and billions in new debt.

“It has got to be dealt with,’’ said Richard Fortucci , the chief financial officer in Lynn. “Or we will all go bankrupt.’’

Municipal health costs in the state more than doubled from 2001 to 2008. The town of Somerville spends almost one-fifth of its annual budget on those costs alone.

How did we get to this state of affairs?

So far, with powerful labor unions resistant to giving away hard-won benefits and a lack of political will in the state Legislature to force changes, efforts to overhaul the system have fallen short.

To be sure, many municipal employees, elected officials, and retirees are paying a greater percentage of their health premiums than ever. Still, almost all of the increase in municipal health care costs in the past 10 years has been shouldered by taxpayers, who are subsidizing plans that are often superior to their own.

“It’s a nice deal,’’ said Debski, now a part-time planner in Malden.

She could get insurance through her husband’s employer but doesn’t, for a simple reason: The municipal plan is far more generous and costs less.

“The system was there,’’ she said. “I find it hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t take what the system offered.”

Quite right, Debski. Eight years as a state hack (hell, six will do), and you earn benefits unimaginable (not to mention unaffordable) by anyone who, you know, actually works for a living. Who wouldn’t take that deal? We may be dumb here in Massachusetts, but ain’t stupid.

So what if costs are divorced from ability to pay? If it’s such an emergency, just call 911:

Health care costs are not the only budget-buster for cities and towns, of course, but their rise has led not just to fewer firefighters in Lawrence but diminished services across the state.

Library hours have been cut in Wayland and Hull. Wakefield has deferred road and sidewalk repairs. Malden has introduced fees for trash pickup. Class sizes have increased in Chelsea. Major layoffs have hit, among others, Boston, New Bedford, Worcester, and Brockton – with officials in all those communities citing rising health care costs as a major factor. Revere last year closed City Hall on Fridays, to save cash.

“What am I going to do next, put a padlock on the police station and tell people to call the State Police instead?’’ asked Mayor Thomas G. Ambrosino of Revere, who, like other mayors, is covered by municipal insurance.

Don’t forget the wildly successful state Medicare program, MassHealth:

While health care reform has brought the state closer to universal coverage, the unintended consequence of that success is most disproportionate share hospitals are losing more money as they treat additional patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of care.

It’s not just people with public insurance who are hurt by poor government reimbursement, but the entire community that depends on its local hospital. There is a risk community hospitals will disappear unless the state pays them for the care they deliver.

Bringing suit is not the option we prefer, but leaving a lopsided reimbursement system in place is not an option. The current system will inevitably lead to more hospital closings, ravaged local economies, and reduced access to care.

Some or all of the following consequences seem inevitable: cuts in municipal services (fire, police, sanitation, schools, etc.); cuts in municipal health plans themselves; enormous tax hikes; default on bonds. I can hear the objections to all of them in my head (to accompany all the other voices I hear).

Publicly funded universal health care is an unfunded mandate, a liability that only metastasizes.

Let’s take it national!

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There You Are, You SOB!

Where you been keepin’ yourself, Al?

It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.

“Unimaginable calamity”? “Large-scale”? “Human civilization as we know it”?

And that’s just his topic sentence! You haven’t lost anything off your fastball, have you Al?

But can’t you please imagine the calamity for us, Al? Just this once?

The heavy snowfalls this month have been used as fodder for ridicule by those who argue that global warming is a myth, yet scientists have long pointed out that warmer global temperatures have been increasing the rate of evaporation from the oceans, putting significantly more moisture into the atmosphere — thus causing heavier downfalls of both rain and snow in particular regions, including the Northeastern United States. Just as it’s important not to miss the forest for the trees, neither should we miss the climate for the snowstorm.

Here is what scientists have found is happening to our climate: man-made global-warming pollution traps heat from the sun and increases atmospheric temperatures. These pollutants — especially carbon dioxide — have been increasing rapidly with the growth in the burning of coal, oil, natural gas and forests, and temperatures have increased over the same period. Almost all of the ice-covered regions of the Earth are melting — and seas are rising. Hurricanes are predicted to grow stronger and more destructive, though their number is expected to decrease. Droughts are getting longer and deeper in many mid-continent regions, even as the severity of flooding increases. The seasonal predictability of rainfall and temperatures is being disrupted, posing serious threats to agriculture. The rate of species extinction is accelerating to dangerous levels.

Droughts and flooding! Massive melting and record snowfalls! Fewer hurricanes but more wind! Wow!!! How will Hansel and Gretel ever make it home again?

Al is essentially unmoved by recent evidence of sloppy science and downright deception. But then, he’s a politician, not a scientist. Look how politicians interpret the data around health care, and decide to double-down on their destructive, hated, suicidal plans to trash the current system.

They just know better than we do.

And they don’t have to explain themselves:

“The former vice president apparently finds it inconvenient even to answer calls to testify before the U.S. Senate. You can call him Al . . . but he won’t call back…

“After days of calls and e-mails by to the ‘Al Gore Support Center’ — located online at and in the real world in Carthage, Tenn — a spokeswoman for Gore declined to comment on the matter.

“‘Thank you for your kind request,’ wrote Kalee Kreider. ‘Unfortunately, Mr. Gore’s schedule is extremely overbooked and we’re unable to offer any availability. It’s very difficult to decline invitations such as yours, but it’s an unfortunate inevitability of the growing influence of the climate-crisis message and the demand on Mr. Gore’s time. We do apologize, but thanks for your interest.’”

Perhaps these manacles and this orange jumpsuit might persuade Mr. Gore to spare a few moments of his precious time for the Senate of the United States of America. (After he does Regis and Kelly, of course.)

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Republic of Sappho Africa

Joe, what kind of schools are you running down there—and do they need a basketball coach? ;-)

South African education officials are investigating reports that a girls’ boarding school dormitory was closed because of lesbian relationships.

Two girls who were caught kissing reportedly said that other pupils were involved in same-sex relationships, and 27 pupils were expelled.

South Africa is the only African country to guarantee freedom from discrimination to homosexuals.

However, activists say that prejudice remains common.

I’ll say. Still, I’d rather be a lesbian in South Africa than an albino in east Africa.

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Katrina (2005), Aceh Tsunami (2004), Haiti (2010), Chile (2010)

Am I the only person that recalls the MSM and the nutty Left blamed George W. Bush for Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Indonesia? Problems with nature were his fault. He didn’t do enough about global warming. Both the tsunami and the great flood were caused by his lack of leadership. Who can ever forget this? It was absolutely insane.

President Obama promised repeatedly to solve these nasty problems. Yet, they are as bad as ever, possibly worse. Not only did far, far more people die in Haiti than in New Orleans, our response was embarrassingly lame. We shut down the transport to hospitals in Miami, for example, condemning injured people to death. And we did nothing whatsoever to prevent the earthquake in Chile today! What the heck do they do at the White House? Twiddle their thumbs?

- Aggie

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Who Are You?

He’s not speaking about our country or our leader, but he might as well be:

The Brit may be out of his mind, but one look at the Phlegm (Monty Python’s suggested name for Belgians)—rolling his eyes, picking his nose, sneering—and I stood up from my chair and shouted hear-hear, hear-hear!

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Happy Birthday, Muhammed!

Where were our manners? Yesterday was the prophet’s birthday, and we forgot to mark the occasion. Bad infidels!

Fourteen hundred and forty years young.

And some people know how to celebrate:

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi called on Thursday for a “jihad” or armed struggle against Switzerland, saying it was an infidel state that was destroying mosques.

“Any Muslim in any part of the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against (the Prophet) Muhammad, God and the Koran,” Gaddafi said during a meeting in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi to mark the Prophet’s birthday.

“The masses of Muslims must go to all airports in the Islamic world and prevent any Swiss plane landing, to all harbors and prevent any Swiss ships docking, inspect all shops and markets to stop any Swiss goods being sold,” Gaddafi said.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry said it had no comment on Gaddafi’s remarks.

UN Director-General Sergei Ordzhonikidze said Friday that calls for jihad by a head of state were “inadmissible”.

Asked by journalists about one state calling for jihad against the other, Ordzhonikidze said: “I believe that such declarations on the part of the head of state are inadmissible in international relations.”

“Inadmissible”? What the [bleep] is that supposed to mean? Hitler’s invasion of Poland was inadmissible, but that didn’t stop him from being admitted.

But then, what does “jihad” mean anyway? The article calls it “armed struggle”, but Qaddafi describes more of a boycott. And to hear some apologists for Islam, you’d think jihad is nothing more violent than popping a zit.

Anyhow, if forced to choose between the Libyan tyrannical psychopath (avert your eyes, Carol)…

and the Swiss curling slut…

… how is it even a fair contest?

Am I right, Muhammad, or am I right?

PS: Celebrations were carried out across the Muslim world.

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Did President Obama Reach A New Low?

Yesterday’s Rasmussen polling has him at -20%

Going back a ways, it looks like he did.

Congrats Mr. President!

- Aggie

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What Was That All About? Pt. 3

Another in a series of posts that wonders aloud, “WTF”?

President Obama will make an announcement sometime next week on what he “believes is the best way forward” on health care reform, the White House said Friday.

“We’ve had many weeks to contemplate where we are,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said…

If the Senate is unable to find any Republican votes for health care, they may use a process called “reconciliation,” which only requires a simple majority, to pass the bill.

I don’t know if I can stand the suspense until next week, so let’s see if we can solve the puzzle now by piecing together some clues. Last night Axelrod told CNN that the American people want majority rule on this. (Which is a lie, natch.) Around the same time, Bernie Sanders was claiming there may be 50 votes in the Senate to pass the public option via reconciliation. This morning, a a senior House leadership source stressed to ABC that, no matter what Ben Nelson may think, a scaled-down bill will not pass the House, which means Reid had better find a way to get Obama’s plan through. And then this afternoon Madam Speaker explicitly called for using a “simple majority” to pass Obama’s bill in the Senate. Given all that, anyone want to inch out on the limb and make a prediction as to what the “way forward” will be?

Come to a summit, Republicans, and lay all your ideas, comments, and concerns on the table—so that we can bitch slap you silly and do whatever the hell we feel like doing.

And for this the President is being lauded for his leadership? Politically, the guy is a thug.

If we must watch seven hours of theater and make-believe, can’t there at least be roller skating or prancing kitties or hot Vietnamese chicks?

The one thing the Democrats have right is they are indeed a “simple” majority: they don’t get much simpler.

And the “way forward” is a tricky one, not easy for simpletons:

For all of the talk of reconciliation as the solution, the process is far more complicated than anything the Democrats have attempted thus far to pass health care reform. And there are still divisions within the party about how lawmakers will make it work procedurally.

Democrats will likely need to embark on a three-step process, with a target to finish it before the Easter recess.

Step 1, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said Congress must first pass a reconciliation bill with major, but limited, fixes to the original Senate bill.

Step 2, the House would then agree to pass the Senate bill.

Step three, both chambers would have to pass a third bill with policy changes that would not pass muster under reconciliation, which requires every element to have a direct impact on the federal budget. For example, the third bill would be needed to make any changes to abortion and immigration provisions in the Senate bill.

Sound tricky? It is. House Democrats may well withhold their votes on the first two bills until they are assured their concerns will be addressed in a third bill, which could face a tough challenge in the Senate clearing a 60-vote threshold, since Democrats only have 59.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) has cast doubt on Pelosi’s hopes of passing the reconciliation bill with fixes ahead of the Senate bill.

He says the order must be reversed. The House must pass the Senate bill first, before either chamber considers the reconciliation package, he said.

“I don’t know of any way where you can have a reconciliation bill pass before the bill that it is meant to reconcile passes,” said Conrad, who would be a central figure on the Senate floor if Democrats embark on the complicated process.

Looking for sense and logic in this process is like looking for a virgin in a brothel—or in Congress for that matter. It’s not what they do.

PS: Which is why a Fox News poll of registered voters showed this shocking (yet unsurprising) result:

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Congress is doing? (23-24 Feb)

Approve: 14%
Disapprove: 80%
Don’t know: 6%

To put it in perspective, out of every 20 people polled, three approve of Congress’ job, 16 disapprove, and one would rather watch reruns of Jackass (which is little different from Congress on C-Span, come to think of it).

And all Congress has been doing is health care. You do the math.


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