Fiefdom of the Press

I’ve been a pretty staunch defender of the First Amendment, but given the craven surrender of the ink-stained wretches of the press, I don’t know why I bother:

Republican Congressman Connie Mack sent out a press release on Sept. 8. His flack received this reply from John Guerra, a reporter for the Key West Citizen in Florida:

“The Republican Party is now a mentally ill group of people who want nothing more than to destroy Obama’s first term no matter how much the country needs his policies. I despise your party’s activities and the hatred you spew on Fox and other sounding boards for the insurance companies. Please don’t you dare get him killed, which is the underlying goal of you right wing nuts.”

Intrepid reporter that I am (what can I say, it’s true), I found the press release of that date. Here is the incendiary document, the smoking gun, if you will, that set off Obama’s stenographer:

“This “trigger” idea is just another way for President Obama and Democrats in Congress to push our country down a path of nationalized health care.

“The Administration and the Democratic Leadership have made it quite clear that they believe the government, and not the free market, has all the answers. They refuse to listen to the American people, who are opposed to a government takeover of our health care system.

“The people of Southwest Florida and the nation aren’t going to fall for this gimmick. More freedom, and not more government, is the right path to reforming our health care system. Maybe one day the liberals will grasp this simple concept.”

That’s it, and there’s only one statement even remotely arguable: that the Democrats refuse to listen to the American people (and I’m being generous even there).

But the trigger is just a step toward socialized medicine; the Democrats do believe in government over the market; most Americans do oppose government takeover; the trigger is a gimmick; more freedom is always better than more government; liberals just don’t get it.

Those are axiomatic.

As a right wing nut, let me assure all my readers I wish President Obama a long and healthy life, in retirement. Give him a library, let him publish his memoirs (oh wait—he’s already done that—twice), may he have many grandchildren.

Just stop, please, sir.

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