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This Is Hilarious

Palin’s parents watch the VP announcement

I am absolutely going to love having her for VP.

- Aggie

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Palin By Comparison

Good polling numbers for McCain since picking Governor Palin. Read ‘em and weep, Obama supporters:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday—the day before the Republican National Convention is scheduled to begin—shows Barack Obama ahead of John McCain by three percentage points both with and without leaners. That’s exactly the same edge Obama enjoyed a week ago on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

Today’s numbers show a one-point improvement for McCain, but Obama still leads 47% to 44%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 49%, McCain 46% (see recent daily results). Obama is now viewed favorably by 57% of the nation’s voters, McCain by 56%.

There have been significant changes in perception of John McCain in the two days of polling since he named Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Since then, 49% of Republicans voice a Very Favorable opinion of McCain. That’s up six percentage points from 43% just before the announcement. Also, 64% of unaffiliated voters now give positive reviews to McCain, up ten points since naming his running mate.

Most observers predicted a significant bounce for Obama after the convention—and his chances reasonably required one.

He got nothing.

While we’re all basking in the glow of the bold selection of Governor Palin, the honeymoon won’t last forever. But the Republicans haven’t held their convention yet. It will remain a very tight race, I suspect, but McCain has bettered everyone’s expectations.

Except mine, I suppose. I been tellin’ you he would gain and eventually overtake Obie.

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The Democrats Have God On Their Side

Watch the former head of the DNC and a Democrat Congressman laugh about the hurricane in the gulf

Like Michael Moore, they are really enjoying the thought of the devastation the hurricane will bring to the poor people New Orleans.

Just another example of the compassion and sincerity of the Democrats.

- Aggie

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The Snottiness Of The East Coast

Maureen Dowd

Let’s make fun of Sarah Palin and her family, those rubes from Alaska! Do you know about Alaska? That’s a place that’s really far away from New York!

The guilty pleasure I miss most when I’m out slogging on the campaign trail is the chance to sprawl on the chaise and watch a vacuously spunky and generically sassy chick flick.

So imagine my delight, my absolute astonishment, when the hokey chick flick came out on the trail, a Cinderella story so preposterous it’s hard to believe it’s not premiering on Lifetime. Instead of going home and watching “Miss Congeniality” with Sandra Bullock, I get to stay here and watch “Miss Congeniality” with Sarah Palin.

Sheer heaven.

And it goes on in this condescending way, trashing her because she isn’t New York, Cambridge… and most of all… she isn’t a Leftist:

This chick flick, naturally, features a wild stroke of fate, when the two-year governor of an oversized igloo becomes commander in chief after the president-elect chokes on a pretzel on day one.

Then she takes off in her seaplane and lands on the White House lawn, near the new ice fishing hole and hockey rink. The “First Dude,” as she calls the hunky Eskimo in the East Wing, waits on his snowmobile with the kids — Track (named after high school track meets), Bristol (after Bristol Bay where they did commercial fishing), Willow (after a community in Alaska), Piper (just a cool name) and Trig (Norse for “strength.”)

“The P.T.A. is great preparation for dealing with the K.G.B.,” President Palin murmurs to Todd, as they kiss in the final scene while she changes Trig’s diaper. “Now that Georgia’s safe, how ’bout I cook you up some caribou hot dogs and moose stew for dinner, babe?”

I am disappointed in the media, but not surprised. I suppose I could make fun the the names the Obamas chose for their children… Malia? What’s a Malia? It doesn’t sound like Maureen or something respectable, does it? Or we could point out that the parents are tall and gawky and that Barack Hussein Obama is right up there with weird names. Or how about trashing Obama’s roots in Kenya or his Indonesian family? Can’t do that, but let’s make fun of the indigenous people in Alaska. Why not! They never complain. We only have to be respectful of people we like and understand.

Here’s the truth of the matter: The Left likes to trash women. They didn’t like Hillary because, as a middle-aged woman, she carried a few extra pounds. According to the perfect talking heads, she had a “fat ass”. They also didn’t like her pantsuits. Oh, and they didn’t like her years of experience and service. Now we find out.. surprise! surprise! that they don’t like Sarah Palin. She is too pretty. She is too feisty. She isn’t experienced enough (something that they never say about Barry, The Boy Wonder). She plays basketball, she hunts … let’s trash her!!!

I think that they just can’t stand seeing women in power.

- Aggie

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More On What PUMAs Are Saying

I couldn’t agree more

Ms. Palin is the 43-year old Republican Governor of Alaska, who fluctuates between a 70% and 90% approval rating among her constituents. She is a conservative Christian who has a reputation for fighting corruption and eschewing the traditional perks of her job (like selling the Governor’s jet to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year). She was a member of Feminists For Life, an organization which supports reducing abortions by offering women better financial resources and educational opportunities. Showing her commitment to this issue, she refused to abort her fifth child, even though she knew he had Downs Syndrome. She supports the teaching of creationism in schools, but only if it is alongside evolution. Her first veto helped gays and lesbians gain civil rights in her state. She also has a son going to Iraq. In her acceptance speech yesterday, she thanked Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton for making it possible for her to be there, next to Senator McCain.

Here’s what this pick is telling me:

1. McCain is experienced enough to be President.
2. McCain is still maverick enough to do something completely unexpected, and moderate enough to pick a person who is liked by Democrats as well as Republicans.
3. McCain’s weakest point is his support in the GOP base, which is heavily anti-abortion and evangelical Christian.
4. McCain acknowledges the nauseating sexism unleashed on Democratic women this year, and shows that the GOP does not feel the same way about teh Scary Vagina. This is what I’m now calling The PUMA Effect.

In other words, the PUMAs are saying: We don’t agree on everything but this is acceptable. Better still, it isn’t corrupt, misogynistic, or bullying. In life, it is necessary to compromise, but it is not necessary to be a doormat.

- Aggie


Idiot Wind

Not only has the left-wing/progressive/liberal (pick one) side of American politics become shameless and amoral, they have become predictably so:

Michael Moore: This hurricane is proof that there is a god in heaven

Not the first “progressive” to admit to rooting for a hurricane, but the setting alone makes this special. Rest assured, had a conservative offered something like this about the Democratic convention, it would have earned a 28-minute speshul komment replete with light show and opening act.

Moore does say he hopes no one dies; all he’s after is a heap of destruction and demoralization that can be exploited for political advantage.

Didn’t he get his fill of destruction and demoralization at the Democratic Convention? Actually, one look at him would tell you how hard it is for him to get his fill of anything.

This guy is the Leni Riefensthal of the Democratic Party, and he gets to say this on national television? I support the First Amendment absolutely—but what about my right to pelt him with rotten eggs and dog poop?

Or the rights of Gulf Coasters to stake him to the ground and pour Louisiana cajun spicy red hot pepper sauce all over his body?


Steyn on Palin

I sometimes click over to SteynOnLine with wistful echoes of “Where have you gone, Joe Di Maggio? A nations turns its lonely eyes to you-ou-ou-ou” in my mind. How sad, I know. Get a life.

But sometimes, one is rewarded:

The hostess with the moosest [Mark Steyn]

Over in the Frumistan province of the NR caliphate, our pal David is not happy about the Palin pick. I am – for several reasons.

First, Governor Palin is not merely, as Jay describes her, “all-American”, but hyper-American. What other country in the developed world produces beauty queens who hunt caribou and serve up a terrific moose stew? As an immigrant, I’m not saying I came to the United States purely to meet chicks like that, but it was certainly high on my list of priorities. And for the gun-totin’ Miss Wasilla then to go on to become Governor while having five kids makes it an even more uniquely American story. Next to her resume, a guy who’s done nothing but serve in the phony-baloney job of “community organizer” and write multiple autobiographies looks like just another creepily self-absorbed lifelong member of the full-time political class that infests every advanced democracy.

Second, it can’t be in Senator Obama’s interest for the punditocracy to spends its time arguing about whether the Republicans’ vice-presidential pick is “even more” inexperienced than the Democrats’ presidential one.

Third, real people don’t define “experience” as appearing on unwatched Sunday-morning talk shows every week for 35 years and having been around long enough to have got both the War on Terror and the Cold War wrong. (On the first point, at the Gun Owners of New Hampshire dinner in the 2000 campaign, I remember Orrin Hatch telling me sadly that he was stunned to discover how few Granite State voters knew who he was.) Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are more or less the same age, but Governor Palin has run a state and a town and a commercial fishing operation, whereas (to reprise a famous line on the Rev Jackson) Senator Obama ain’t run nothin’ but his mouth. She’s done the stuff he’s merely a poseur about. Post-partisan? She took on her own party’s corrupt political culture directly while Obama was sucking up to Wright and Ayers and being just another get-along Chicago machine pol (see his campaign’s thuggish attempt to throttle Stanley Kurtz and Milt Rosenberg on WGN the other night).

Fourth, Governor Palin has what the British Labour Party politician Denis Healy likes to call a “hinterland” – a life beyond politics. Whenever Senator Obama attempts anything non-political (such as bowling), he comes over like a visiting dignitary to a foreign country getting shanghaied into some impenetrable local folk ritual. Sarah Palin isn’t just on the right side of the issues intellectually. She won’t need the usual stage-managed “hunting” trip to reassure gun owners: she’s lived the Second Amendment all her life. Likewise, on abortion, we’re often told it’s easy to be against it in principle but what if you were a woman facing a difficult birth or a handicapped child? Been there, done that.

Fifth, she complicates all the laziest Democrat pieties. Energy? Unlike Biden and Obama, she’s been to ANWR and, like most Alaskans, supports drilling there.

Sixth (see Kathleen’s link to Craig Ferguson below), I kinda like the whole naughty librarian vibe.


Typical Obama Voters II

A couple of days ago I decided to post some of the typical misogyny we’ve been receiving from the Typical Obama Voters on the PUMA = Party Unity My Ass Thread

We got some doozies tonight. First, let’s hear from Josh:

What is wrong with you people. Crybabies: why dont you get a flipping clue, you bunch of hilbilly’s dumbasses. You can vote for McCain, but dont cry when the world and the economy are in the shitter. So in short term, why dont you get a clue and stop sniffing gas fumes. A true dem. will always back the party of Kennedy, and we support them even through tough decisions. go vote for McCain and when your civil liberty’s are out the damn window. Have fun you ass holes

Ok, Josh, thanks for the respectful critique. I promise not to cry when McCain wins. Now let’s hear from Nae:

i can’t believe how many utterly delutional women are out there. All of you women who are not going to vote for Barack are showing every man in this world that you don’t know how to vote on the issues but lead with your heart. If Hillary were like most of you she would have never made it as far as she did. You have proven millions of men right in their minds that women should not vote let alone lead. So while you sit on the sidelines bitter and pouting you can suffer through another 4 years of misery. Don’t complain about rising costs because you assisted in putting McCain in office. Some of you talk about being strong and independent well guess what at the end of the day you can pat yourself on the back as John McCain and his female VP appoint new justices to the Supreme Court and overturn Roe Vs. Wade. Way to go thanks alot.

Don’t you just love all the scare tactics? And the condescending attitude? We’re bitter, pouting… all because we disagree with the very brilliant Nae. Listen up, Nae. I am voting with my heart, my mind, and my experience. I am voting for McCain, actively, and against Obama. One of the reasons that I am voting against Obama is that I cannot stand his supporters. Aside from that, I really like the guy. As for McCain, it’s refreshing to meet a politician who doesn’t attend a church where the preacher hates Jews, whites, America, Italians, the government, etc. But if McCain happens to lose, and we get Carter II, enjoy stagflation, ok?

- Aggie

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My Second Favorite Palin

I can’t honestly say I know much of anything about Sarah Palin beyond her name and her pretty face. But after former Python, Michael, she’s gotta be the next best Palin. She may outflank him yet, but she’s got a long way to go before she bests Cardinal Richelieu singing Petula Clark.

What I’m learning about her, however, I love.


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The Slimy Obama Campaign

Let’s look at the ooze line by line.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign on Friday blasted his Republican rival’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a running-mate, highlighting her “zero” foreign policy experience. [And that compares quite favorably with Barry's 0 foreign policy experience. Oh, I forgot, Barry once worked out at a hotel gym in Berlin rather than visiting injured troops.]

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement. [This is the true slime. She is the governor of Alaska. They assume that their voters are so damn ignorant that they will miss this fact. And they might be right about their voters.]

Burton also criticized Palin as a vice presidential pick for her support of oil drilling in the Alaskan wilderness and her anti-abortion stance, referring to the 1973 Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in the United States.

“Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies. That’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same,” he said. [Too stupid for words.]

So, that’s what they have to say. One big whopper of a lie and then just some Typical Dumb Stuff.

- Aggie


PUMAs Respond To Palin

They like her

Here’s a good sample of what they have to say:

Obama and his supporters will try to tell us that we are hypocrites if we vote for McCain/Palin because we are ignoring the issues, and voting for her just because she is a woman. This is because they don’t understand us at all. Hell they think we are sino-peruvian lesbian Republicans. And they will have their henchmen like that deranged anti-semitic, porn peddler Christina Cedeno barking about how we’re through, that we lost, that we’re pathetic, right on up until election day. Then when McCain/Palin is done handing Obama/Biden their collective ass, we will remain as a formidable pollitical force to be reckoned with, and she will scurry back to whatever bridge she crawled out from under. Hey, we just played a part in having a woman put on the presidential ticket. But I digress. The reason that some of us will support Palin, even though we may not agree with all of her political positions, is that she is not an illegitimate candidate. She did not steal votes from her opponent. She did not smear us with charges of racism. She actually has a lot in common with some of us (mother, businesswoman, athlete, etct). And the man that will be her boss showed us that he is at least listening and aware of our presence. He didn’t flick us off his shoulder and tell us we weren’t needed. He didn’t play the abusive boyfriend and say “where else are you gonna go babe?”.

And some of the comments on this thread:

That loud sound just now was the mysogensits in the DNC and MSM heads exploding.

McCain-Palin 2008

Now THAT is the kind of real, authentic change that America can believe in!

Makes the Obama-Biden ticket look like the old boys club!

Sarah Palin is a Governor, a former Mayor, a mother, and she can hold her own in a deabte. She is in touch with small town America, and has executive experience. Obama likes to boast about his days as a community worker. Well, Sarah Palin has actually been ELECTED to run the community. Mayor, then Governor, and now on the ticket with the Maverick as his choice for VP! I also like the fact that she was not afraid to take on the corruption in Alaska! That takes guts!

Brilliant choice by the Maverick!

Bill Burton, Obama’s campaign spinmaster, was late for his interviews on the news channels today following the announcement that Palin is the choice for VP. Guess Burton had to change his pants after Palin was announced!

America, take back our country from the DNC elites and Obama.

Vote America first!

McCain-Palin – 2008
Hillary – 2012

Suck it Obamabots!!

I couldn’t agree more.

- Aggie

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Sarah Palin

PUMAs are looking at her carefully

She sounds good to me. I would have voted for McCain anyway, but I could never get comfortable with Romney. I am so glad he didn’t choose him. I would also note that the Republicans have the mentor/mentee relationship in the right order. Instead of sending a chaperon to Washington to supervise young Barry’s excellent adventure, they put the experienced guy at the top of the ticket.

Aside: I saw this article in today’s Washington Post Charles Krauthammer discusses Obama’s friends, or lack of friends, and compares to John Kerry’s speech in 2004, when he was flanked by Viet Nam war vets who were ready to tell us what a great guy he is. Obama had no one. I thought about that real hard. Is this a guy without friends? Or couldn’t he bring his friends to the party? Why couldn’t William Ayers and Reverend Wright stand up and tell us that we can trust Obama?

- Aggie


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