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You Think Kim Jong Il Would Accept These Numbers?

What kind of loser dictator runs for election unopposed, and gets less than 100%?

This kind of loser dictator:

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has won a second seven-year mandate after netting 97 percent of the vote in a referendum boycotted by the opposition, officials announced on Tuesday.

Interior Minister Bassam Abdel Majid said Assad, 41, won a massive 97.62 percent in Sunday’s referendum, with some 11.19 million Syrians taking part, or almost 96 percent of those eligible.

By my count, that’s about 250,000 Syrians who are soon to be hanging by their 500,000 thumbs.


They Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I passed on this story this morning:

China arrested 92,574 underage criminals in 2006, a 33-percent rise from 2003, said an official with the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Thursday.

The number of juvenile delinquents prosecuted increased by 50 percent, said the official, without giving a specific figure.

About one in 10 criminals detained and prosecuted in 2006 was underage, said the official.

“There is a visible increase in gang crime among juvenile delinquents and crimes have become more violent,” the official said. “This is a major issue which endangers social stability.”

I just didn’t have anywhere to go with it.

Until Mark Steyn, as is his wont, puts his finger on the issue:

China will get old before it gets rich, in part because of its foolish “one-child” policy.

China’s antipathy to the pitter-patter of tiny feet has led to industrial-scale abortion of girls and the biggest gender imbalance of any generation in human history. As a general rule, millions of surplus young men who can’t get any action is not a recipe for social stability.

“Puts his finger” on it; I should probably rephrase that.


Bill Bennett Follows My Lead

Six days ago, I mentioned the patronizing, arrogant video of the Wall Street Journal editorial board discussing the immigration debate. It would be an understatement to say they were dismissive of immigration reform critics on the right. Their attack on those more skeptical than they was cheap and dishonest.

But nobody else covered it.

Until today.

On his radio show this morning, Bill Bennett was on this like stink on a monkey. (Hi Bill, Seth, Jeff, & Lloyd! Thanks for reading!) And was he pissed.

On Friday’s show, Bill will referee a smackdown between Steve Moore of the WSJ and Mark Kirkorian of National Review (the chief target of the WSJ unprovoked assault). Should be good listening (you can find a local station from listings on the site).


Al Qaeda in Wendy’s

Have you seen Adam Gadhan, aka Azzam the American, lately? That boy needs to go on the Guantanamo diet.

“Bush, you thought you would be remembered by history as the president who waged a series of successful crusades against the Muslims. Instead, you will go down in history not only as the president who embroiled his nation in a series of un-winnable and bloody conflicts in the Islamic world, but as the president who sent the United States off on its death march towards its breakdown and disintegration.”

Are we sure English is his first language? This is no different from the other Islamist smack talk of which we’ve grown so tired. Even Osama and Zawahiri have been canceled; what makes him think we’re any more interested in hearing it from someone who’ll be hanged for treason someday, if Allah permits?

I haven’t viewed the clip, but I suspect he had crumbs flying out of his mouth. Try an occasional salad, Azzam, and don’t talk with your mouth full.


Doing Something About It

While Aunt Agatha and I bitch and moan about the Palestinians, at least one Israeli is proposing to do something about them:

In his plan, the deputy prime minister [Avigdor Lieberman] refers to the West Bank and Gaza as two separate entities, both on the political level and on the practical level.

Israel will address both entities separately. Any negotiation with the Palestinian Authority will only apply to the West Bank. “Gaza will be defined as a hostile independent political entity for all intents and purposes,” Lieberman explained.

Lieberman suggested practical steps toward the implementation of his plan: There will be no movement between Gaza and the West Bank, not of goods, and not of people. This restriction of movement includes the Palestinian president’s aides and Palestinians VIPs.

Workers will not be permitted to leave Gaza to work in Israel. Taxes for the Gaza Strip will not be collected. The Ashdod port will not transfer any goods to the Strip. All crossings, including Karni crossing will be sealed.

Israel will not provide Gaza authorities with any type of infrastructure or resource. The Gazans will have to find their own solutions to problems of fuel, water, and electricity.

Lieberman said that the process of complete severance of ties will begin in 2008, when all contact between Israel and Gaza will be cut off.

“Gaza’s fate will be like that of Sinai,” Lieberman’s plan said. “Just as Israel did not continue to provide anything to Sinai after it withdrew, there is no reason why it should act any differently toward Gaza, especially in the current situation.”

I know I’m supposed to recoil in horror at the very mention of Liberman’s name, and that he is the devil incarnate—but tell me more, Satan.

Israel will treat any security threat coming from the Strip very severely. Israel will work toward thwarting the threat by any means available, just as any sovereign country is meant to do in order to protect its citizens from an enemy attack.

“It’s very simple,” said Lieberman, “Sderot’s fate will be similar to that of the Gazan neighborhood of Rimal, if Sderot is hit, the Rimal neighborhood will be hit just as hard at the very least.”

I’m sorry, but I agree.

“Protect its citizens from an enemy attack”: How is that not the first and overriding responsibility of any government?

Hell, if they’re going to call you an apartheid state anyway… I’m joking.


Why I Am No Longer A Liberal

Here’s why.

Because for the past seven years I have watched the march of Jew hatred form across the world, and it is largely positioned in leftist locations. Like academia, like journalism, like trade unions. Among minorities. Among people that Jews and Israelis have a long history of sticking their necks out to help… for decades. Here’s the latest insult:

South Africa’s largest trade union seeks Israel boycott
By Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent

South Africa’s largest trade union federation will launch a campaign against “the Israeli occupation of Arab lands” this week, demanding that Pretoria impose a boycott on all Israeli goods and break diplomatic relations. South African Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils, who is Jewish, told Haaretz that he actively supported the initiative – which contradicts the policy of his own cabinet.

Can you even believe this???

The president of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), Willy Madisha, announced the launching of the campaign last week in Johannesburg, calling on the government to cease all diplomatic relations with Israel after its attacks on Palestinian leaders.

“The best way to have Israel comply with United Nations resolutions is to pressure it by a diplomatic boycott such as the one imposed on apartheid South Africa,” Madisha said. Cosatu belongs to a recently-formed coalition of organizations operating under the banner “End The Occupation.”

Of course, they’re not all lunatics:

Kasrils’ anti-Israeli organization Not In My Name belongs to the coalition working toward an embargo on Israel. This runs contrary to South Africa’s official stance, and to President Thabo Mbeki’s decision to strengthen trade ties with Israel. Mbeki, who heads the ANC ruling party, even appeared as a guest at Israel’s Independence Day celebrations in Durban last month.

Remember Durban? Durban is the city in South Africa that hosted the August 2001 UN conference on racism. It is the place where, under the umbrella of the United Nations, copies of Mein Kampf were sold, banners of hooked-nosed, bloody-fanged Jews were paraded around the streets, and Jewish individuals were assaulted. To their credit, the Bush administration pulled the US out of the conference due to the extreme antisemitism on display.

Well, I can’t read any more of the article because I feel too sick. Shame, shame, shame on them. I hope that everyone who sides with the political left will re-think their position in light of the on-going anti-semitic onslaught that they support.

- Aggie

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Aunt Agatha suggested to me that we do this a couple of days ago. With this, the timing seems about right:

The University and College Union (UCU) of Britain, the largest academic organization in the United Kingdom, voted on Wednesday in favor of an academic boycott of Israel.

The motion was passed despite the UCU leader’s appeal to members of the union to ignore the call for an academic boycott.

Of the UCU representatives present, 158 voted in favor of the motion, 99 voted against, and 8 abstained.

Education Minister Yuli Tamir criticized result, calling it a “surprising move that does not conform with reality.”

Oh, but it does, Yuli. It does:

While Israelis are targeted by rockets from Gaza and officials from the “elected Palestinian government” threaten attacks by female suicide bombers, calls for anti-Israeli boycotts based on human rights claims would appear to be both immoral and absurd.

But the small group that controls Britain’s trade unions has managed to combine both traits, and it is escalating its political warfare in parallel with Palestinian violence.

[The UCU's] is the third such academic boycott campaign in Britain in two years, coming after a divestment debate within the Anglican Church, a “boycott Israel” movement led by British activists in the World Medical Association, and the adoption of a similar program by the National Union of Journalists.

And the architects! Don’t forget the British architects!

Even Irish artists are getting in on the act.

Note, please, that the UCU measure was passed overwhelmingly by the rank-and-vile over the objection of the leadership. In fact, in most of the above cases, the boycotts were imposed against the wishes of the leaders. Say what you will about British anti-Semitism, it represents the will of the people.

All of which led Aunt Agatha to wonder—where had she heard of this sort of thing before?

In their 25-point Party Program, published in 1920, Nazi party members publicly declared their intention to segregate Jews from “Aryan” society and to abrogate Jews’ political, legal, and civil rights. Nazi leaders began to make good on their pledge to persecute German Jews soon after their assumption of power. The first major law to curtail the rights of Jewish citizens was the “Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service” of April 7, 1933, according to which Jewish and “politically unreliable” civil servants and employees were to be excluded from state service.

The new Civil Service Law was the German authorities’ first formulation of the so-called Aryan Paragraph, a kind of regulation used to exclude Jews (and often by extension other “non-Aryans”) from organizations, professions, and other aspects of public life. In April 1933, German law restricted the number of Jewish students at German schools and universities. In the same month, further legislation sharply curtailed “Jewish activity” in the medical and legal professions.

You think we’re kidding? Do we look like we’re kidding?


Every Day is September 11th

Have we gotten any smarter than we were at 8:45 am, September 11, 2001? I know I have; I got scared smarter.

But when Annie Jacobsen wrote this story almost three years ago, she was dismissed by many, accused of Islamophobia, profiling, whatever.

On June 29, 2004, at 12:28 p.m., I flew on Northwest Airlines flight #327 from Detroit to Los Angeles with my husband and our young son. Also on our flight were 14 Middle Eastern men between the ages of approximately 20 and 50 years old. What I experienced during that flight has caused me to question whether the United States of America can realistically uphold the civil liberties of every individual, even non-citizens, and protect its citizens from terrorist threats.

Until today [via Jules Crittenden]:

A newly released inspector general report backs eyewitness accounts of suspicious behavior by 13 Middle Eastern men on a Northwest Airlines flight in 2004 and reveals several missteps by government officials, including failure to file an incident report until a month after the matter became public.

According to the Homeland Security report, the “suspicious passengers,” 12 Syrians and their Lebanese-born promoter, were traveling on Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on expired visas. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services extended the visas one week after the June 29, 2004, incident.

The report also says that a background check in the FBI’s National Crime Information Center database, which was performed June 18 as part of a visa-extension application, produced “positive hits” for past criminal records or suspicious behavior for eight of the 12 Syrians, who were traveling in the U.S. as a musical group.

In addition, the band’s promoter was listed in a separate FBI database on case investigations for acting suspiciously aboard a flight months earlier. He was detained a third time in September on a return trip to the U.S. from Istanbul, the details of which were redacted.

The inspector general criticized the Homeland Security officials for not reporting the incident to the Homeland Security Operations Center (HSOC), which serves as the nation’s nerve center for information sharing and domestic incident management.

So we had these guys dead to rights, and just let ‘em slide. It’s the terrorist equivalent of the old joke about the operation being a success, but the patient died.

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Two-Faced Talleyrand

Why does Condi Rice sound like William Wallace when she talks about Iran and the West?

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insisted Iran must suspend uranium enrichment, rebuffing a suggestion by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s chief that the U.S. and its allies relax the demand.

“I am not one who agrees that somehow, because the Iranians are continuing to make progress — or are reported to continue to make progress — on certain kinds of technology, that it’s time to abandon the requirement that they suspend,” Rice said aboard her plane en route to Germany. “I think that would be a very big mistake.”

“We are firm about the need to suspend, we are firm about the need to continue to increase the pressure and we’re firm that should Iran make a different choice we are prepared to go that way as well,” Rice said.

“The IAEA is not an agency that is in negotiation with the Iranians,” Rice said, noting that the United Nations has given that role to the United States and five other powers. “I just think it’s appropriate for those six states to determine what the diplomatic course ought to be.”

And sound like Wally Cox when she talks about Israel and the Palestinians?

Israeli-Palestinian peace “unlocks the key” to “further engagement between the Arabs and the Israelis,” U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in Berlin.
Rice cautioned Israel against engaging in peace talks with Syria, instead of pursuing a peace plan with Palestinian factions, The Washington Post reported.

“My understanding is that it is the view of Israelis, and certainly our view, that the Syrians are engaged in behavior right now that is destabilizing to the region,” Rice told reporters.

She said there is “no substitute” for creating a Palestinian state.

Yes there is. No Palestinian state. At all. Ever. Unless it’s Jordan.

But my question was rhetorical. There’s no good answer for Condi’s hypocrisy.

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Hitler Won the Vote, Too

Anne Bayefsky on John Dugard’s remarkable screed which we covered yesterday:

John Dugard, the notorious anti-Israel UN “expert” has called for the recognition of Hamas. His latest pro-terrorism initiative is put forward as part of a cure for the repeated bombings by Hamas and company of Israeli civilian targets. Astonishingly, in the name of human rights, Dugard continues his pattern of ignoring the Hamas Charter and its unambiguous intent: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it…There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad…” On the contrary, Dugard once again champions the “democratic” elections that brought Hamas to power. The unadulterated anti-semitism of Hamas does not cloud his “human rights” vista. Instead he holds a candle for those who live by this: “I urge all the brigades to…target the Israeli political leaders and members of parliament…”; “the Hamas political leadership has freed the hand of the brigades to do whatever they want against the brothers of monkeys and pigs.” (former Hamas head Abdel Aziz Rantissi)

The late Abdel Aziz Rantissi, may I point out. As for Dugard, he is the Charles Lindbergh or Henry Ford of our time—except instead of the America First Committee or the Ford Foundation, his organization is the United Nations.


Don’t Go Away Mad

Just go away:

After a two-year legal battle, The Islamic Society of Boston dropped all of its claims of conspiracy and defamation in its sprawling lawsuit against the Herald, Fox 25 and several other groups and individuals yesterday.

The ISB agreed to abandon all of its claims, and surrendered the ability to appeal the case later.

The ISB, and two of its leaders Yousef Abou-Allaban and Osama Kandil, brought a lawsuit against the Herald, Fox 25 and others, including the non-profit David Project in 2005. The ISB claimed the groups conspired to block a controversial land deal between the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the society for the construction of a $22 million mosque and cultural center in Roxbury.

All of those claims were dropped yesterday and none of the parties sued made any payments to the ISB, Abou-Allaban or Kandil.

Jeffrey Robbins, an attorney for The David Project, called the dismissal a “complete victory.”

“It is a rebuff of those who thought they could intimidate the media and intimidate citizens into staying silent,” he said.

Some justifiable crowing over at Jules’ joint.

And the deal still stinks.

A lawsuit brought against the BRA by the David Project seeking the disclosure of documents relating to the land deal with the ISB is still open, Robbins said. Last month a Suffolk Superior Court judge ordered the BRA to hand over documents to the David Project.


Make Me Wanna Hurl

Oh please:

A capacity crowd of 1,500 people jammed into Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University last night for Al Gore’s speech and book-signing. But the numbers don’t matter: Even if Gore were speaking before a sellout crowd at Verizon Center, he would still be the smartest guy in the room.

Gore practically oozes gray matter.

If by that he means fish intestines, fine. Gore isn’t even the smartest man in a Port-a-Potty.

About the only thing that Al Gore “invented” that’s worth a damn is the Internet, and I coulda sworn that people like Tim Berners-Lee had more to do with the success of the Web.

Re-inventing government? The Brookings Institution gives that effort an overall B—but with two Ds, two incompletes, and As only in Procurement Reform and Effort (we still grade on effort?), it’s hard to see how that grade was achieved without sex.

Global warming? He’s the Reverend Jim Jones of the climate change set. The Kool Aid’s not so bitter if you take it in one big gulp.

Bush “lied”; he “played on our fears”? That kind of talk is for fools, drunks, op-ed columnists of the Washington Post—and defeated candidates for the presidency. See John Kerry.

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