Aggie Goes Postal

Aggie Goes Postal

Let her set the scene:

Briefly, I was driving around and heard Talk of the Nation discussing the Israeli elections. They took one call – from a woman who demanded to know why Israel doesn’t withdraw to the ’67 lines and how Israel has the nerve to criticize Iraq and Iran. The guest said that Israel should withdraw to the ’48 lines!!! Oh, and the guest was the mideast correspondant for the NYTimes. then the caller requested two more things: 1. that NPR do a show with the people who wrote the anti-Israel, anti-American Jewish paper, the ones from the Harvard Kennedy School and U. Chicago and 2. that NPR do a show w/Jimmy Carter. The host, Neil Conan, said: We already had Jimmy Carter on this program two weeks ago.

Perfect. What more do we need to know?

Question: If Israel doesn’t have a right to exist – I think it is pretty clear that that is the position of the left – why does Germany have a right to exist? THey started a war in which 40-60 million people lost their lives, and yet no one questions their right to exist. Just wondering.

I gave up on NPR after September 11th. I used to do my homework in high school to the dulcet tones of Bob Edwards and Susan Stamberg doing ATC (those were the days)–and even once worked for an NPR affiliate–but it got so I couldn’t take it anymore. I was annoyed, not edified, and I got smarter by listening to other stations. I can recommend to Aggie Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Michael Graham, and other programs with keener insights into the stories of the day than anything she’ll hear on NPR. Once, I listened to nothing else, like most of my friends and acquaintences. Now, it’s dead to me.

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