Stop in the Name of Love

Charles Blow is a New York Times columnist. He is black. His son, also black, and a Yalie, was briefly detained by campus security, at gunpoint.

That’s preamble to this:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: One of the most illuminating voices we hear from “The New York Times” Charles Blow. He’s talked a lot on this program about his fears for his own son’s safety. Well, last Saturday, his fears seemed to come true. His son, a student at Yale, was walking back to his dorm room from the library when a campus police officer stopped him at gunpoint. He hadn’t done anything wrong, he did exactly as he was told by the police officer, got on the ground, hands raised. Later he was told he fit the description of a burglary suspect. Eventually he went back to his dorm safely. Here’s what Charles wrote in his column. “This is the scenario I’ve always dreaded. My son at the wrong end of the gun barrel face down on the concrete. What if my son had panicked under the stress, had I come close to losing him? Triggers cannot be un-pulled, bullets cannot be called back. I’m reminded of what I have always known,” he wrote, “but what some would choose to deny, that there is no way to work your way out, earn your way out of this sort of crisis. In these moments, what you’ve done matters less than how you look. ”

But here’s what Yale said about the incident in the statement that it released: “A Yale police officer detained an African American Yale college student who was in the vicinity of a reported crime and who closely matched the physical description including items of clothing of the suspect, even though the officer’s decision to stop and detain the student may have been reasonable, the fact that he drew his weapon during the stop requires a careful review.

Nothing to argue with here. I counsel my son the same way; if he or I were black, I’d really hammer home the point: “what you’ve done matters less than how you look”.

COOPER: Does the fact that the police officer involved was African- American? Does that change the equation in your mind in any way?

BLOW: It doesn’t for me because we don’t – when we have those conversations with our kids, we don’t say, well, if you run into a white police officer, behave like this and this, and this, and if you run into a black police officer, you don’t have to worry about that. Do whatever you want to do, jam your hands into all your pockets, and, you know, jump around and talk back. We talk about the police in general. And I am very happy that when he turned around and saw whoever was with the gun that he didn’t behave any differently. He didn’t see any difference. He saw a gun, and an officer and he followed the very same script.

COOPER: Do you believe race played a role even though the officer was African-American, do you believe race played a role in what happened to your son? Because there – you’ve come under criticism from some conservative sites, some even call it a race hoax. Because in your original article, you didn’t mention that the officer was African- American.

BLOW: Right. Because in my argument, I’ve been writing about this for probably, years now and I have stopped, almost altogether, mentioning the race of any officers. Period.

Isn’t the obvious follow-up: why? Why is “what you’ve done matters less than how you look” relevant in one case, but not the other? I don’t know how many Yale police officers are black, but as this NY Times report indicates, whites make up the overwhelming majority of police forces even in cities with overwhelming majority minority populations (if you could follow that). So, the detail that the officer was black was newsworthy, if not central to the story. Absent that information, the reader would have assumed he was white. Omitting it says reams more about Blow than Blow has to say about race in America today.

The facts of the story are unremarkable, save for the officer drawing his gun. That is a big deal, and should be investigated (as Yale said it will). But otherwise, a young black male who matched the description—down to the clothing—of a burglary suspect, being detained and questioned, is barely news. Except that the kid’s dad is a New York Times columnist. With an apparent agenda.


Our Latest Scalp Wears a Kippah

The United States has been known to topple a government or seven over the years. Right or wrong—communist of fascist, as if there’s a difference—when someone crosses us, they may end up dead or worse, holed up in some redoubt with Jethro Tull blasting day and night.

Nice to see we haven’t lost our touch:

Likud party representatives held a press conference Sunday afternoon to put forward what they say is evidence of illegal foreign support for the Labor-Hatnua list’s election campaign.

Specifically, party members including MK Miri Regev took aim at the V-15 campaign, a project headed by several former Obama campaign managers aimed at unseating Likud and installing a left-wing government in its place.

Regev began with a reference to old claims that Labor party leader Yitzhak “Buji” Herzog was involved in a corruption scandal during the 1999 elections, accusing him of employing “the same method, the same pattern.”

“It is sad that a party is trying to buy the government with money via the One Voice movement which is carrying out the V15 campaign,” she said, referring to the left-wing NGO which is the primary driver of the campaign.

“It is important to me that the public should know the truth – who is funding the Anti-Zionist Camp?” she continued, in play on words on the joint list’s official name, “The Zionist Camp.”

Noting a failed bill she put forward that would have forced NGOs to reveal their list of foreign donors, Regev fired: “The one who shot down that bill was none other than Tzipi Livni – it would be interesting (to know) why?”

This is my third post on the subject—I think it’s that important. Unlike other putsches, this one is not sponsored by the CIA or the military, but by Organizing for America, or whatever Obama calls his shock troops now. He’s got no more elections to win, but he can sure try to lose them for others. What did you think he was going to do for the rest of his life, clear brush on his Texas ranch?

Ultimately, I think this is good news for Israel. They should be under no illusion about the Regime currently in the White House. Israel’s Left is free to make its case to the Israeli people, but if the Left is just a Fifth Column for Obama’s machinations, I trust that some…many… enough Israelis will reject the effort and return Netanyahu to office.

All we can do is tell the truth.



ISIS beheaded someone else. In other news…

He ventured to Syria to tell the stories of those whose lives have been torn apart by war.

But in doing so, Kenji Goto suffered his own gruesome fate — apparently becoming the latest foreigner to be decapitated by ISIS.

A newly distributed video from ISIS appears to show the beheaded body of the Japanese journalist. It came one week after a video surfaced featuring Goto holding a photo of what appeared to be the corpse of his fellow Japanese captive, Haruna Yukawa.

Just like ISIS’ previous beheading videos, the 67-second footage released Saturday was issued by the terror group’s media wing, Al Furqan Media. The video cannot be authenticated by CNN.

And now, Japan finds itself more deeply embroiled in the global fight against ISIS.

“We are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism, and we denounce it in the strongest terms,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, according to broadcaster NHK. “To the terrorists, we will never, never forgive them for this act.”

Unlike the United States, Britain and other allies, Japan is not involved in the military campaign against ISIS. But Japan has been providing humanitarian aid in the Middle East as ISIS continues its bloody quest to solidify an Islamic state across parts of Iraq and Syria.

Let me try to untangle my feelings. I am sad, of course, at his death at the hands of the rabid dingos of ISIS. Especially when:

The 47-year-old Goto left Japan last fall, when his youngest daughter was 3 weeks old. His wife, Rinko, first heard from his captors December 2.

Goto’s mother, Junko Ishido, said her son wanted to help create a world without wars.

“I’m shedding tears of sorrow, I just can’t think of any words to say,” she said, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK. “But I don’t want this sorrow to create a chain of hatred.”

He was a husband, a father, and a son. And now he lies dead in the desert. Sad.

Mourning’s over; time to move on!

Mom doesn’t want hate? Really? What would she prefer? Lust? Sloth? I’d rather just forget Goto than be told I can’t hate his executioners. You go ahead and cry, but tears make it hard to aim the rifle scope. Or, in my case, hard to see the keyboard.

I love dogs, but I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a rabid one. When a mean dog has attacked my beloved Bloodthirsty Puppy, I have viciously kicked an animal I would have been happy to scratch behind the ears only seconds earlier. I love dogs, but I love justice and safety more.

I love humanity, too, or at least I try. Okay, I know I’m supposed to try. For while the creatures I love most in my life are people, so are the creatures I fear most. And hate most, though I try to keep hatred in check. Hatred is a great motivator, but can easily overwhelm more rational thought. Think of a food pyramid with hatred at the pointy apex. You need a little every day, but don’t overdo it.

When Jihadi John and the IS-a-Kills leave yet another husband/father/son a bloody, headless stump in the sand, tell me how else to feel. I’m past shock.

But then, Aggie and I were past shock before we started this blog nine years and two weeks ago (thanks for the cards—not). One of our early fans, Barb from Pittsburgh, raved about our posts and our points of view. But she had to bow out because the world we were revealing to her was too hard for her to take. She didn’t dispute what she wrote, she just couldn’t take it. Never heard from her since.

Who could be shocked anymore after 9/11? Or the Passover Massacre in Netanya? Or the 1994 bombing at the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires? (Or the recent assassination of the prosecutor still looking into it?) Or the abduction of the Chibok girls by Boko Haram? Or Nidal Hassan’s “workplace violence” at Ft. Hood? Or the Luxor Massacre in 1997? Or the the butchery of the Munich Olympics?

Let’s stop there. The world was shocked by Munich; sportscasters were rendered speechless.

More than 40 years have passed, and we’re still “shocked”? I don’t understand. Truly, I don’t understand. Somebody explain it to me.

Goto wanted to “tell the stories of those whose lives have been torn apart by war,” and became the protagonist in a tragic war story of his own. As he must have known it might. I won’t gainsay his decision—it was a brave one—even if I can’t wholly support it. He was a husband, father, and son who could have chosen to remain so, rather than put himself at risk of a merciless death in the desert. Soldiers don’t have the choice; he did.

The least we can do for him in return is to get over ourselves. Be shocked, but get past it. We’ve had 40 years. Let’s try something else.


Hagel Thinks Ground Troops Needed In Iraq

Sitings of O-bots reported in US hospitals, mysterious cases of exploding heads…

Can you guess why Chuck Hagel was pushed out?

WASHINGTON – Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in an interview on Friday the United States might eventually need to send non-combat ground troops to Iraq to help turn back Islamic State forces.

Hagel, who announced his resignation under pressure in November, told CNN all options must be considered in Iraq, including sending troops for non-combat roles such as gathering intelligence and locating Islamic State targets.

“I think it may require a forward deployment of some of our troops …,” he said. “I would say we’re not there yet. Whether we get there or not, I don’t know.”

Hagel’s comments echoed testimony by General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to Congress last fall when he said US troops might have to take a larger role on the ground in Iraq.

Such a deployment would be in addition to the 4,500 U. troops already committed to training and advising roles in Iraq.

Don’t worry, O-bots. Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Hillary will send troops to Iraq. Instead they will welcome ISIS members and their families here, to live in Cambridge and to use the Cambridge public school system. (see Tsarnaev brothers).

– Aggie


But Do They Regret the Error?

So, when Bloomberg quoted Jeff Greene as saying “”America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence”—which was a bit rich from a near-billionaire—he didn’t?

Then, what did he say?

“Let me clear this up. I never said this. It was completely misquoted,” he insists.

“What I said was, ‘the global equalization of wages and technology, which is growing at an exponential pace, has killed so many millions of jobs in America and other Western economies, and it’s going to kill them at an even faster pace going forward,'” he tells CNBC.

“I said, ‘we have our work cut out if we want to build a real economy, an inclusive economy that I grew up in, that I want to see for all Americans.'” Americans don’t have to shift their expectations downward, he maintains.

That’s hardly the same thing.

But then he said this, so he can go [bleep] himself:

The entrepreneur also said he would support higher taxes on the wealthy.

“We absolutely-unfortunately for wealthy people-need to have higher taxes, and I’m certainly prepared to pay higher taxes and I hope that other wealthy people are,” he said.

Those taxes would help provide lifelong educational opportunities, which would help build a stronger middle class, he added.

Anyone who flatly argues for higher taxes—without a thought toward spending reforms, smaller government, inefficiency, corruption, and the nationalization of the individual property—is excused from the conversation. Money doesn’t belong to the government; it belongs to the people. You don’t take it away from them without a damn good reason, and boilerplate palaver about “education” and “infrastructure” is just a diversion for lifting wallets. We don’t need to spend more on education, just smarter. And Obama lost me on infrastructure when he admitted his near-trillion dollar stimulus was pi**ed away because there were no shovel-ready jobs.

How many times are we expected to fall for this nonsense? Please, tell me. It would make my life so much easier.


Fascinating Film About Life In Israel Today.. And Continuing Jew Hatred In Britain

Tal ben Shahar taught the most popular course at Harvard, a psychology course about happiness. Born in Israel, educated there, in Europe and in the US, a few years ago he decided to return. He narrates a 9 minute clip about the changes that took place in the 14 years in which he lived in the diaspora. I am posting the link, but youtube seems to open to sound automatically, a big No-No on this site.

The video is excellent. Did you know that Israel is the nation that has the 3rd most companies on the stock exchange? The US is number 1, China 2, Israel 3. The European nations are in the dust somewhere, no one seems to be able to locate them. There are brief clips with Warren Buffet, Steve Balmer, and others. There is some very moving footage of a scientist who is confined to a wheel chair whose lab developed a gizmo which allows paraplegics to walk, including interviews with the people using the device. And there is footage of the guy who developed the agricultural drip system in the 60s, and how it is used in arid parts of the world today. Israel is able to produce 40% more food with half the usual water, meaning that we can all buy Israeli peppers and tomatoes and dates!

On the other hand, we can all watch the British journalist and anti-Semite, Adam Boulton, interview the Chief Rabbi of Britain on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Go to the link and listen as he blames the Jews for Jew hatred.

I put these together because it is amusing that Europe is on such a steep decline as Israel prospers.

– Aggie


What if the Enemy of My Enemy is Still My Enemy?

Your old pal BTL is in a bit of a quandary. He finds the bloated, smug, distant, and undemocratic rule of the European Union repugnant. Yet he finds the Leftist rebellion against it even worse.

What’s a PhD in schadenfreude to do?

Greece says (in the words of the UK’s Sun) “Up Yours, Delors”:

Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis replied that the government would no longer engage with officials representing the country’s despised ‘troika’ of lenders – the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank.

Instead, the new government – which swept to power last weekend on a promise of ending years of austerity – would talk directly to other EU leaders to try to write off more than half of Greece’s £179 billion in rescue loans.

In fact, Tsipras was elected because he vowed to reverse the kind of austerity measures prescribed by Berlin.

To which Berlin (which is Europe, let’s be honest) responded, not so schnell, Zorba:

Germany’s Finance Ministry denied that Berlin is ready to discuss a new 20 billion Euro aid package if Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accepted supervised economic reforms.

A spokesman claimed it was ‘pure speculation’, adding: ‘That is not on the agenda at all.’

Norbert Barthle, the parliamentary spokesman on budgetary affairs for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, told the business daily Handelsblatt there would be ‘serious consequences’ if Athens refused to cooperate.

Hearing that from a German must still make European bowels loosen just a bit, nein?

But he clarified:

He said: ‘There are clear rules and we have legal stipulations about the conditions for giving European credit assistance.

‘If Greece can’t accept these conditions, it must find the necessary funding on the capital markets.’

Translation: starve.

Which is good. That’s how a capitalist should answer socialist twaddle. But in addition to hunger pangs, there will be blood. And you know whose blood it almost always is:

A Greek politician who claimed that Jews “don’t pay taxes” has been elected as Defense Minister, Greek media reported Thursday night, amid already-high concerns over rising anti-Semitism in the country that is only expected to worsen following recent elections.

Panos Kammenos of the Syriza party made the comments during an interview with Greek Ant-1 TV, according to New Greek TV, on December 18 – just days after the drive-by shooting at the Israeli Embassy in Athens.

Local Jewish leaders were outraged at the comments.

“It is a disgrace that a leader of a party in Parliament does not know that Greek Jews are equal citizens and subject to the all the rights and obligations of every citizen,” the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece stated in response at the time…

With the utmost affection and respect to my Greek Jewish friends, so the [bleep] what? Weren’t Weimar Germany Jews “equal citizens and subject to the all the rights and obligations of every citizen”? And French Jews? And Polish Jews? And Dutch Jews? And even Greek Jews? You can’t argue away vile antisemitism: as Israel has shown, you kill it dead.

You can see BTL’s derriere pierced by the horns of a dilemma. Which is more detestable—the statist bureaucrats of Brussels (aka Berlin); or the neo-Nazis (short for National Socialists) of the fascist Left? It is with a heavy heart that I must side with gray suits over the brown shirts.

But it may be too late:

Tens of thousands of people have massed in central Madrid for a rally organised by radical Spanish leftists Podemos.

The “March for Change” is one of the party’s first outdoor mass rallies, as it looks to build on the recent victory of its close allies Syriza in Greece.

Podemos has surged into the lead in recent opinion polls, and says it will seek to write off part of Spain’s debt if it wins elections later this year.

Podemos says politicians should “serve the people, not private interests”.

Note to Spanish Jews: you may want to start packing your bolsas de viaje now.

PS: I know we’re hard on British antisemites here, and with good reason. But Britain’s reaction toward the EU’s hegemony has been to push back, and to listen to those arguing for greater distance from Berlin (aka Brussels), namely Nigel Farage’s UKIP. There’s the odd nutter in the party, but the Tories, Labour, and the Lib-Dems are no better, often worse. There’s a certain kind of crazy that effects the continent that doesn’t effect the UK.

PPS: Or does it?

The Church of England has launched an investigation into charges of anti-Semitism made against one of its more controversial vicars, Dr. Stephen Sizer.

Sizer, it would seem, has joined the ranks of what the Americans call “truthers” – those who insist that the truth has been concealed regarding who was behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

Most truthers promote theories that the US government itself was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. But Sizer has endorsed a smaller group of truthers who, in medieval blood libel fashion, say the Jews did it.

Sizer this week posted to Facebook a link to an article titled “9/11 Israel did it.” In text accompanying the link, Sizer wondered, “Is this anti-Semitic?” Whether or not it is didn’t seem to matter to Sizer, in whose mind the link in question “raises so many questions.”

PPPS: Never mind:

Britons feel more “unfavorable” to Israel than any other country worldwide except North Korea, a survey found.

The survey — taken in August and published Thursday by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs — showed a massive surge in negative attitudes toward Israel since the previous such study, two years earlier. Thirty-five percent of Britons said they “feel especially unfavorable towards” Israel in the 2014 survey, compared to 17% in 2012.

That figure meant that Israel is regarded more unfavorably by Britons than Iran — 33% in the 2014 survey, compared to 45% in 2012. Only North Korea fares worse — regarded as especially unfavorable by 47% in 2014, compared to 40% in 2012.

At least Britain doesn’t have antisemitic politicians spewing ignorant hate speech.

PPPPS: Never mind—again:

Baroness Jenny Tonge, a member of Britain’s House of Lords with a long record of inflammatory, often antisemitic, statements against both Israel and the British Jewish leadership, has again been pressuring British Jews to collectively condemn Israel.

Earlier this week, Tonge tabled a written question in the House of Lords in which she asked “Her Majesty’s Government whether they plan to encourage Jewish faith leaders in the United Kingdom publicly to condemn settlement building by Israel and to make clear their support for universal human rights.”

Tonge’s question, which comes against the background of rising antisemitism in the UK, was quickly condemned by Jewish campaigners.

Jonathan Sacerdoti of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which recently published a disturbing survey about the current levels of antisemitism in the UK, told The Algemeiner that the “widely accepted” definition of antisemitism coined by the European Union Monitoring Center “specifies that it is antisemitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for any action of the State of Israel.”

“Baroness Tonge has a long history of making these sorts of remarks,” Sacerdoti said. “It is despicable to see her using the House of Lords to try to harass Jewish people.”

I think I’ve said enough. I’ve certainly read enough.

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For a Fat Girl, She Didn’t Sweat Very Much

What! They meant it as a compliment:

“Colleen McCullough, Australia’s best-selling author, was a charmer,” the obituary began. “Plain of feature, and certainly overweight, she was, nevertheless, a woman of wit and warmth. In one interview, she said: “I’ve never been into clothes or figure and the interesting thing is I never had any trouble attracting men.”

See? She was a three with the sex life of an eight. Who wouldn’t like to be remembered so?

Soon, the hashtag myozobituary was trending on Twitter, as people across the world mocked the publication for what many viewed as a blatantly sexist treatment of a lauded literary figure.

Criticism of the obituary was twofold: One, that the paper chose to focus the top of its story on McCullough’s appearance rather than her achievements, which included spending 10 years working as a neuroscientist at Yale Medical School in the United States, establishing the neurophysiology department at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, and writing 25 novels.

They got around to it eventually. Haven’t you ever heard of a strong lede?

“I did not realize that this was how we were doing obituary ledes, now,” The Washington Post wrote. “Now that I know, here are some obituaries for men, updated lest we fall behind the new standard. Teddy Roosevelt: Resembling a fat walrus in little spectacles, he was, nevertheless, president at one point or another.”

I might actually read the WaPo is you write like that. But could you mention his success at pulling tail? It’s pretty important.

It’s reassuring to know that in a world of ISIS beheadings and Boko Haram kidnappings (and deflated footballs!), we can still ascend to the lofty heights of dudgeon over the immature scribblings of an anonymous obituarist. I feel safer somehow, as if a cultural landmark or two still stands to give us bearing.

PS: The First Lady of Bloodthirstan (FLOB) is not amused by this story, but I don’t think Ms. McCullough would have minded. It’s not like she was oblivious to looks.

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“Deflategate” Explained

On a lighter note (and what isn’t lighter than American treachery to a loyal ally—see below?)

You didn’t ask, but here’s my latest on the mass stupidity. Every September game in Miami and every December game in Green Bay has a built-in competitive disadvantage for the visiting team. That goes double for every road team, every game, in Denver. The fans (or the stadia) are louder in Kansas City and Seattle than anywhere else (and Indy, when they pipe in noise to “top up” the fans’ contributions): a huge advantage for the home team. Defensive-minded teams are not troubled by a chewed-up grass field, especially against a quick, finesse offense. All of these have a greater impact on a game than two PSI.

Even if the Patriots are guilty of your worst imaginings (and that’s more your problem than theirs), so the [bleep] what? Punish them because the rule says so, but anything greater than the listed $25k fine—and I’ll even allow $25k per ball for a total of $275,000 to $300,000—is moronic.

Now ou know.



We’ve already reported to you on the untimely death of Jihad Mughniyeh, as well as the duplicitous coup attempt by Obama against Netanyahu. But two of my favorite journalists, Caroline Glick and Phyllis Chesler, address those subjects themselves. Worth a revisit.


From what been published to date about the identities of those killed in the strike, it is clear that in one fell swoop the air force decapitated the Iranian and Hezbollah operational command in Syria.

The head of Hezbollah’s operations in Syria, the head of its liaison with Iran, and Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of Hezbollah’s longtime operational commander Imad Mughniyeh who was killed by Israel in Damascus in 2008, were killed. The younger Mughniyeh reportedly served as commander of Hezbollah forces along the Syrian-Israeli border.

According to a report by Brig.-Gen. (res.) Shimon Shapira, a Hezbollah expert from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the Iranian losses included three generals. Brig.- Gen. Mohammed Alladadi was the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps liaison officer to Hezbollah and to Syrian intelligence. He was also in charge of weapons shipments from Iran to Hezbollah. Gen. Ali Tabatabai was the IRGC commander in the Golan Heights and, according to Shapira, an additional general, known only as Assadi, “was, in all likelihood, the commander of Iranian expeditionary forces in Lebanon.”

The fact that the men were willing to risk exposure by traveling together along the border with Israel indicates how critical the front is for the regime in Tehran. It also indicates that in all likelihood, they were planning an imminent attack against Israel.

But Iran’s willingness to expose its forces and Hezbollah forces also indicates something else. It indicates that they believe that there is a force deterring Israel from attacking them.

And this brings us to another strategic revelation exposed by the January 18 operation.

Earlier this week, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdolahian told Iran’s IRNA news agency that the regime had told its American interlocutors to tell Israel that it intended to strike Israel in retribution for the attack. The State Department did not deny that Iran had communicated the message, although it claims that it never relayed the message.

While the Obama administration did perhaps refuse to serve as Iran’s messenger, it has worked to deter Israel from striking Hezbollah and Iranian targets in Syria. Whereas Israel has a policy of never acknowledging responsibility for its military operations in Syria, in order to give President Bashar Assad an excuse to not retaliate, the US administration has repeatedly informed the media of Israeli attacks and so increased the risk that such Israeli operations will lead to counterattacks against Israel.

Far beyond the region, Iran expands its capacity to destabilize foreign countries and so advance its interests. Last week, Lee Smith raised the reasonable prospect that it was Iran that assassinated Argentinean prosecutor Alberto Nisman two weeks ago. Nisman was murdered the night before he was scheduled to make public the findings of his 10-year investigation into the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center and the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. According to Smith, Nisman had proof that Iran had carried out the terrorist attacks to retaliate against Argentina for abrogating its nuclear cooperation with Tehran.

From the Golan Heights to Gaza, from Yemen and Iraq to Latin America to Nantanz and Arak, Iran is boldly advancing its nuclear and imperialist agenda. As Charles Krauthammer noted last Friday, the nations of the Middle East allied with the US are sounding the alarm.

Due to the US administration’s commitment to turning a blind eye to Iran’s advances and the destabilizing role it plays everywhere it gains power, Israel can do little more than carry out precision attacks against high value targets. The flipside of the administration’s refusal to see the dangers, and so enable Iran’s territorial expansion and its nuclear progress, is its determination to ensure that Israel does nothing to prevent those dangers from growing – whether along its borders or at Iran’s nuclear facilities.

What was it Democrat Bob Menendez said? The Regime’s talking points sound like they’re coming out of Tehran.


[T]he White House has called the (Republican Congressional) invitation “a breach of diplomatic protocol,” and has announced that President Obama will not meet with PM Netanyahu as a “matter of policy”: It does not meet with world leaders close to their election so as not to interfere in a foreign election.

This is beyond ironic; in fact, it is one Big very fat Lie.

As Thomas Rose at Breitbart points out: Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel prior to recent German elections. Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with Obama twice—each time before the British elections.

But no matter. This President rules as if he is a divinely appointed King. He can do whatever he wants—especially in this, the “last quarter” of his 8 year Presidency.

Although you will probably not read about this in the mass media, (the New York Times, etc.), Obama’s 2012 campaign field director was selected to head a “five man Obama team” to run a campaign, Obama-style, on the ground, in Israel. Chicago-style, Alinsky-style, grassroots, young people, urging others to drink the Kool-Aid of “change,” engaging more and more volunteers to go from apartment to apartment.

This Obama-initiated campaign has been reported by Breitbart, Bizpac Review, PJ Media, Truth Revolt, and Haaretz, but only in Hebrew, not in their English edition. The estimable Carolyn Glick pointed this out in a tweet and Independent Media Review and Analysis translated it into English. Glick is quoted by Thomas Rose in Breitbart:

“Obama won’t meet Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington when he addresses the Joint House of Congress in March because of Netanyahu’s visit’s proximity to the Israeli elections. And Obama, of course, believes in protocol and propriety which is why he won’t get involved. He is just sending his 2012 field campaign manager to Israel to run a campaign to defeat Netanyahu.”

No interference at all.

Dr. Aaron Lerner notes that “foreign funding bankrolls Anti-Netanyahu Campaign—Flies in 5-Man Obama Team.”

Journalist Roi Arad, in Haaretz, happily announced that the foreign funded organization “One Voice” is bankrolling the V-2015 campaign to defeat Binyamin Netanyahu in the 2015 elections.

Jeremy Bird, the Obama campaign’s national field director is running a grassroots, Obama-style campaign from an office in Tel Aviv which takes up the entire ground floor of the building. V-2015 is not supporting a specific party. They are for anyone, “just not Bibi.” Therefore, the foreign funding pouring into the campaign will not be subjected to Israel’s campaign finance laws.

Obama may not know anything about the economy, foreign policy, military strategy, health care, or universal human rights but, as BizPac painfully points out, “if Obama has a singular talent, it’s this: He knows what it takes to win an election.”

Imagine what this means: Obama is trying to unseat a democratically elected President of Israel’s most stable and militarily prepared ally in the Middle East.

Obama wants to give Iran all the time it may need to develop nuclear power by refusing to strengthen sanctions and by delaying crucial deadlines. And, he does not want Americans to hear any other view at this time.

Interesting how these two stories overlap, and how both writers come to the same conclusion. To the Regime, Iran is a friend we haven’t made yet, while Israel is a friend we can do without.

That’s not stupidity, that’s evil.


Lame Duck or Mighty Mouse?

Long-time Democrat pollster, Pat Cadell, demonstrates the breadth—and the limitations—of his understanding of Barack Obama:

When I watched the State of the Union address at the end when the president talked about how people shouldn’t demonize the other side and how you shouldn’t be fundraising all the time. It dawned on me that this man in his own bizarre world. Look, we’ve had presidents who were competent or incompetent. We’ve had presidents who have been manipulative or open. I have never seen a president occupying himself in his own fantasy world in the twilight zone…

It is a “fantasy world”, but it is also a world built out of the tawdriest of lies—as Cadell himself documents: “people shouldn’t demonize the other side and how you shouldn’t be fundraising all the time”. From Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and the flag pin to today, he has not only gotten away with lying brazenly, but been cheered on the nightly news for doing so. His serial dishonesty has never ceased to amaze me, but I can’t say it surprises me anymore.

As for the “fantasy world”, wouldn’t you create a fantasy world if the real world were so hostile? The line of people who despise him forms to the right, with the American electorate just behind Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill and Hillary, John Boehner, and the Cambridge police officer who arrested Skip Gates. In Obama’s World, he can propose any giveaway he likes, spend as much as he wants, and watch his approval rating rise. Oh wait…


The Obama Regime Gets it Right Again

Terrorism? Don’t be silly. How droll!

Deputy White House press secretary Eric Schultz, filling in for Earnest, would not call the Taliban a “terrorist group,” but instead an “armed insurgency.”

At today’s briefing Josh Earnest seemed to double down on the rhetoric by tip-toeing around the term ‘terrorist group.” Earnest used phrases like “this description that you have put forward” and “designating them in a way that you have described.”

“It is important to draw a distinction between the Taliban and al Qaeda,” Earnest told Karl. “The Taliban has resorted to terror tactics, but those terror tactics have principally been focused on Afghanistan.”

Earnest also called the Taliban a “dangerous organization.”

The dude’s a regular soothsayer!

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for an attack at a military base at Kabul’s international airport that killed three Americans and one Afghan Thursday.

A U.S. official confirmed that the shooting occurred at about 6:40 p.m. local time Thursday. There was no further comment because the incident was under investigation.

The Taliban’s claim of responsibility came in a message from spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who identified the attacker as a man named Hessanulla from Laghman province, just east of Kabul.

Mujahid said that the militant had infiltrated the ranks of Afghanistan’s forces to stage the attack and wore an Afghan police uniform. An Afghan official with the country’s Defense Ministry said the attacker was in an Afghan army uniform. According to The Washington Post, Mujahid added in a tweet that the terrorist had “opened fire on invaders” before he was “martyred by return fire.” It was not immediately clear if the Afghan confirmed dead was the gunman.

Earnest later amended his remarks to add that the Taliban were “mean” and “big bullies”. He said they made him “so mad he could just spit”.

Actually, he did allow this:

Press Secretary Josh Earnest later acknowledged that the Treasury Department had put the Taliban on a terror list as far back as 2002.

Earnest also acknowledged that the Taliban “carry out tactics that are akin to terrorism, they do pursue terror attacks in an effort to try to advance their agenda.” The Obama administration has repeatedly said the U.S. government does not negotiate with terrorists, despite trading five Taliban fighters held at Guantanamo for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

We don’t negotiate with “terrorists”, you understand, just with “armed insurgencies”, “dangerous organizations”, and “akin” groups. (That puts the Taliban on par with patriot and tea party organizations as far as the Regime is concerned.)

In case you forgot, “this description that you have put forward” gave safe haven to Osama bin Laden. But then, Osama wasn’t a terrorist either, but “a guy who lives in [Tora Bora], who’s a [Islamic holy man] who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.”


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