Criminal Chronology

In 2010, the nascent Tea Party movement stunned the nation by helping to elect many conservatives to Congress, toppling the Democrats in the House. Many saw the development as a massive rejection of Obama’s socialist policies, ObamaCare most notably.

Emboldened, many more conservatives self-identified as Tea Partiers, Patriots, and other “dog whistle” labels. They sought 503(c)(4) status under the IRS tax code, which stipulates that:

501(c)(4) organizations may inform the public on controversial subjects and attempt to influence legislation relevant to its program and, unlike 501(c)(3) organizations, they may also participate in political campaigns and elections, as long as their primary activity is the promotion of social welfare.

They come to the attention of Lois Lerner, who:

[…] led an organization of 900 employees responsible for a broad range of compliance activities, including examining the operational and financial activities of exempt organizations, processing applications for tax exemption.

Rarely rejected outright (which would have prompted a perhaps more independent appeal), these newly politically active conservatives saw their applications wither on the vine. When there was any movement, it was backwards, in the form of more questions, more information requested, even wholly inappropriate and intolerable (and ungrammatical) inquiries such as “Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers.”

We later learn that this has been Lerner’s MO for decades:

Before the IRS, Lerner served as associate general counsel and head of the enforcement office at the FEC, which she joined in 1986.

General counsel’s reports composed during Lerner’s tenure at the FEC confirm Engle’s recollections of a woman predisposed to back Republicans against the wall while giving Democrats a pass. Though Noble, then the FEC’s general counsel, is listed as the author of the reports, sources familiar with the commission say that given Lerner’s position, she would have played an integral role shaping their conclusions. “As head of enforcement at the FEC, Lois would have approved the drafting of every general counsel’s report,” Engle tells me.

We also learned:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official who apologized for targeting conservative nonprofit groups for extra scrutiny is married to an attorney whose firm hosted a voter registration organizing event for the Obama presidential campaign, praised President Obama’s policy work, and had one of its partners appointed by Obama to a key ambassadorship.

This is not the first of Lerner’s connections to the president to surface. Earlier this week The Daily Caller reported that Lerner personally signed the tax-exemption approval for a shady charity run by Obama’s half-brother, after an inexplicably brief one-month application process.

Unsurprisingly, a political movement so powerful as to sweep Nancy Pelosi from her perch as Speaker of the House in 2010 was rendered impotent in 2012. Their ability to organize (freedom of assembly) severely curtailed, conservative voters did not materialize on Election Day, and Obama was re-(if not fairly)-elected.

Under Republican leadership, the House smelled a rat. The House Oversight Committee summoned Lerner to explain herself. She complied, read an opening statement declaring her innocence, and then clammed up. Many legal scholars suggested her statement waived any right against self-incrimination: if you’re not going to talk, you don’t get to talk just a little bit, on your own terms. You are subject to cross examination. The committee later voted to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress.

The committee also learned that Lerner’s boss, IRS Commissioner Doug Schulman, had received White House clearance 157 times over 2010-2011—though it was unclear if Schulman had actually visited the White House that many times or what they talked about when he did.

Then came the nonsense with Lerner’s computer. Whatever evidence it contained—emails, most notably—was said to be irretrievably lost. The computer had [pick one, or more] “crashed”; the hard drive was “scratched” or had been “erased”; legally mandated backups were also unavailable—either lost, or too much of a pain in the ass to find, even at Congress’ demand.

New IRS Commissioner John Koskinen either doubled down on the story or lamely apologized in a “mistakes were made” fashion. Obama went from angry to dismissive of “phony scandals” without a “smidgen of corruption”. Though illegitimately reelected, he remained president.

Then, of course, the emails turned up. In dribs and drabs, not all at once, but slowly and surely. After four years of sneaking and stalling, the story is finally being revealed:

The IRS watchdog investigating the disappearance of Lois Lerner’s emails told a congressional panel on Thursday night they are looking into the possibility of criminal activity.

Lerner was the IRS official at the center of allegations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted tea party groups applying for nonprofit status. Congress requested Lerner’s emails from the IRS and agency officials told lawmakers an unknown number of emails had been lost when Lerner’s computer crashed.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has since recovered a number of those emails.

“There is potential criminal activity,” Treasury Deputy Inspector General Timothy Camus told the House Oversight Committee Thursday.

Camus told the committee that less than two weeks ago, officials discovered an additional 424 backup tapes and are trying to determine what emails, if any, are on them. The tapes are in addition to about 750 backup tapes the inspector general found in July, some of which contained Lerner emails.

The IRS had told Congress that backup tapes no longer existed.

“The IRS has a lot of explaining to do,” Chaffetz told CNN. “Because what (the inspector general) told us tonight means what the IRS told us is just factually not true.”

“Criminal activity”? Where do you start? Even more important, where do you stop? It would take Dick Tracy and Elliot Ness a decade to clean up this crime syndicate.


Pushing Obama to the Brink

Oh boy. Now Boehner’s really gone and done it:

House Speaker John Boehner invited Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Friday to address a joint meeting of Congress when he visits Washington next month.

“Americans and Afghans have worked together for years on a shared mission of bringing peace and security to the region,” Boehner’s office said in a statement. “This joint address presents an important opportunity to hear from the newly-elected president on how the United States can continue to work together to promote our shared goals and reaffirms our commitment to the Afghan people.”

The speech is set for March 25. Ghani will be the second Afghan president to address Congress. Former President Hamid Karzai appeared before a joint meeting of Congress on June 15, 2004.

We know how batsh*t crazy Obama gets when Speaker Boehner invites foreign leaders to address his coequal branch of government.

Stand back! Krakatoa’s gonna blow!


What Are the Odds???

That the folks shot in cold blood in a kosher deli were Jewish?

Boy, will Obama be red-faced—uh, embarrassed:

Chilling new details from a deadly terrorist attack at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris last month emerged Friday when a reported transcript of footage from the incident surfaced.

In the nearly eight-minute-long video filmed on a GoPro camera by Amedy Coulibaly, the Islamist gunman can reportedly be seen shooting three of the four victims and delivering an anti-Semitic rant.

The footage shows Coulibaly first grabbing hold of a customer, requesting his name, and then shooting him dead, reports said. The gunman goes on to ask another man for his origin, then kills him after the man replies “Jewish,” according to the BBC, quoting French reports.

“So you know why I am here then, Allahu Akbar,” Coulibaly proceeds to shout, according to a Le Nouvel Observateur report. The gunman can also be heard making anti-Semitic remarks as hostages cry out that the victims have done no wrong.

Coulibaly reportedly told a French journalist at the height of the siege that he had deliberately chosen to target Jews.

This administration has an unfortunate streak of blaming Islamic terrorism on anything else—a YouTube video, knishes, folks. I wish he would indulge his delusions on his own time—perhaps during those hours of golf. The rest of us aren’t interested.


Hajj Ball

Technically, not the hajj—but how could I resist?

With the war-battered Gaza Strip’s borders closed, thousands of people have been shut out of a Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia because they cannot leave the sealed territory.

Some 7,500 Gazans have sought to travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the minor umrah pilgrimage but have been turned away because Egypt restricts movement in and out of the coastal enclave.

Egypt has shut its border with the Gaza Strip since Oct. 24, citing security concerns in its northern Sinai Peninsula. It has opened it only intermittently for students and patients seeking medical care.

“I wait hour by hour. We feel every day that passes without leaving as though it’s a year,” said Fares Hayek, 80, who is among those waiting to make the pilgrimage. He applied in November along with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Boy, that’s tough. I’m tempted to label Egypt an apartheid state (since no one else will), and refer to Gaza as a township (Soweto-on-Sea), but let’s read a little further:

An Egyptian security official said that the closure is upon orders from President Abdel-Fattah Sisi, who said he will only open the border if it is controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Despite an agreement last year to form a Palestinian unity government, Hamas remains in control of Gaza and the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority wields little influence over the coastal strip.

Mahmoud Habash, an adviser to on religious affairs, blamed the pilgrims delay on the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has accused militants of using Gaza for their operations.

“We agreed with the Egyptians that the first priority is the safety of the travelers and the safety of the Egyptian teams at the border crossing, and when the safety conditions permit, there will be no problem for them to go,” he said.

See? There you go. Egypt is penning up the Gazan Arabs out of an abundance of caution, a surfeit of love. It’s really quite touching when you look at it from the pan-Arab perspective.


Is The Israeli Public As Brain Dead As The US Public?

Are they buying this?

former aide to President Barack Obama told Israeli television on Friday that the United States would be able to detect any Iranian effort to “sprint” toward an atomic weapon as part of the emerging nuclear agreement in the P5+1 talks.

Dennis Ross, the former Mideast peace envoy, told Channel 2 on Friday that the agreement being discussed would enable Western officials to perform “anytime, anywhere inspections of declared and undeclared sites” for a period of up to 10 years.

Ross said that while there is an obvious need to see what the final agreement would look like, he said that he has received indications that the Americans will insist on a deal that will include “verifiable mechanisms for detection.”

“It would take a year’s time if [the Iranians] were making a determination they wanted to move towards a nuclear weapon – and they would have to move quickly,” Ross told Channel 2. “That would be something that would be detectable. So you’d have a time frame if they were making a decision to move quickly to detect what they were doing and do something about it.”

Ross said that the Obama administration is aiming for a deal that offers “transparency.”

And I had always respected Dennis Ross… Well, sir, here are three questions: 1. What happens in 10 years? 2. The fact that the US could know what Iran is up to doesn’t mean that they will do anything about it, does it? 3. Why do you believe this nonsense. You’re better than that.

Very disappointing indeed.

– Aggie


What If They Had a Jihadi Killing and Nobody Came?

Rhetorical question, of course:

Attackers in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka have hacked to death a US-Bangladeshi blogger whose writings on religion angered Islamist hardliners.

Avijit Roy, an atheist who advocated secularism, was attacked as he walked back from a book fair with his wife, who was also hurt in the attack.

No-one has been arrested but police say they are investigating a local Islamist group that praised the killing.

Hundreds of people gathered in Dhaka to mourn the blogger’s death.

Mr Roy’s family say he received threats after publishing articles promoting secular views, science and social issues on his Bengali-language blog, Mukto-mona (Free Mind).

He defended atheism in a recent Facebook post, calling it a “rational concept to oppose any unscientific and irrational belief”.

I guess they showed him.

The killing in early 2013 of another secular blogger, Ahmed Rajib Haider, which was blamed on religious hardliners, sparked protests from free-speech supporters and counter-protests from Islamists.

The police say the attack on Mr Roy was similar to the 2013 murder.

It’ll be hard, but I won’t write anything snarky. I’ll just say that I’m not surprised.


Israel’s Legitimacy in Five Minutes

Brother Alan Dershowitz explains it all for you:

We’ve presented much of this material before ourselves, but Dershowitz is nothing if not persuasive. Some of the 20th century reaffirmations of the nation-state of Israel were unknown to me.

One word of caution: Israel may well have been founded in a lawyerly fashion, but as we have seen with tragic consequences over the years, legal documents are nothing against guns and tanks. Bring your lawyers, Israel, but make sure they’re packing heat.

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Now You’ve Gone and Done It

I tried to tell you ISIS, infidel to terrorist, that this was a big mistake. Just remember if your knife and my neck should ever meet who was looking out for the caliphate.

The head of the United Nations’ cultural agency, UNESCO, on Thursday demanded an emergency meeting of the world body’s Security Council following the mass destruction by jihadists of ancient artifacts in Iraq.

“This attack is far more than a cultural tragedy – this is also a security issue as it fuels sectarianism, violent extremism and conflict in Iraq,” UNESCO chief Irina Bokova said in a statement quoted by the AFP news agency.

“This is why I have immediately seized the President of the Security Council to ask him to convene an emergency meeting of the Security Council on the protection of Iraq’s cultural heritage as an integral element for the country’s security,” she added.

The statement came after the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group on Thursday released a video in which its terrorists are seen smashing ancient statues to pieces with sledgehammers in the main museum in Mosul, their biggest hub and Iraq’s second city.

They are also shown using a jackhammer to deface a large Assyrian winged bull at a huge archeological site in Mosul.

Archaeologists and heritage experts have described the destruction as a catastrophe and compared the 2001 dynamiting by the Taliban of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan.

Our political leadership tries to tell us that global warming is the greatest threat to life on earth. If they’re referring to the ice locking New York and Boston Harbors and the Great Lakes, they might have a point. I’d still nominate Islam, at least some number between 14% and 27% of it.

PS: I don’t wish to frighten anyone, but this is whom you’re dealing with, ISIS:

You so much as sneeze on one more Assyrian statue and I swear to whatever God you hold holy that I will hunt you down, hunt your family down, hunt your neighbors down, hunt your townspeople down, hunt your clergy down, and leave not a trace—not even a memory—of you behind, except for a black scorch mark in the desert sands. Capisce?

Don’t think UNESCO can’t do it. They can disappear millennia of existence, they can disappear you:

Less than a week before the start an exhibit chronicling 3,500 years of Jewish ties to the Land of Israel, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has postponed the event, slated to open at its Paris headquarters Monday, out of concern that it could be harmful to the peace process.

Failure to open the exhibit as planned, warned the dean of the Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Marvin Hier, would “confirm to the world that UNESCO is the official address of the Arab narrative in the Middle East.”

UNESCO and the center worked on the exhibit, “People, Book, Land: The 3,500-year relationship of the Jewish People with the Holy Land,” for two years with the help of Hebrew University of Jerusalem Prof. Robert Wistrich, who designed its panels.

Each panel, Wistrich said, had been approved by UNESCO. From the biblical forefather Abraham to the State of Israel’s status as “a start-up nation,” the exhibit was designed to highlight and affirm Jewish roots in the land, on which the Jewish people alternatively flourished and suffered throughout the generations.

No one from the Egyptian pharaohs to the Romans to the Babylonians to the the Nazis to the massed forces of the Arab armies could extinguish Israel the way UNESCO can. Think about it, ISIS.

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Ready to Torpedo Hillary

Rush Limbaugh mentioned today how it wasn’t just conservative media (barely a media, more of a medium) going after Hillary Clinton’s dodgy foundation funding, but a vast left-wing conspiracy too.

Case in point:

The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration, foundation officials disclosed Wednesday.

Most of the contributions were possible because of exceptions written into the foundation’s 2008 agreement, which included limits on foreign-government donations.

The agreement, reached before Clinton’s nomination amid concerns that countries could use foundation donations to gain favor with a Clinton-led State Department, allowed governments that had previously donated money to continue making contributions at similar levels.

The new disclosures, provided in response to questions from The Washington Post, make clear that the 2008 agreement did not prohibit foreign countries with interests before the U.S. government from giving money to the charity closely linked to the secretary of state.

That’s the WaPo, but you can read similar stories in the NY Times, USA Today, MSNBC, CNN, Reuters.

So, what is the Clinton Foundation?

We believe that the best way to unlock human potential is through the power of creative collaboration. That’s why we build partnerships between businesses, NGOs, governments, and individuals everywhere to work faster, better, and leaner; to find solutions that last; and to transform lives and communities from what they are today to what they can be, tomorrow.

Everywhere we go, we’re trying to work ourselves out of a job.

Sounds like Hillary’s just about managed that.

But why? Let’s set aside the least likely possibility: that the mainstream media is just doing its job. Since when?

No, they have a motive. Could they be anti-Hillary? Surely, she’s made her share of enemies, and her political ear is about as tin as the Woodman in the Wizard of Oz.

But come on. Don’t be thick. There’s one overriding reason the media is Not Ready for Hillary.

This isn’t hard, people.


Warning: Graphic Content

Oops! I shouldn’t have led with the image:

“Muslims, these artifacts behind me are idols for people from ancient times who worshipped them instead of God,” said a bearded terrorist speaking to the camera.

“The so-called Assyrians, Akkadians and other peoples had gods for the rain, for farming, for war… and they tried to get closer to them with offerings,” he goes on.

“The prophet removed and buried the idols in Mecca with his blessed hands,” he said, referring to the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

Just doin’ what the Prophet done. Can’t say fairer than that.

Unless you’re Assyrian:

Experts said the items destroyed include original pieces, reconstructed fragments and copies.

They include many pieces from the Assyrian and Parthian eras dating back several centuries before the common era.

Iraq’s Assyrians are now a Christian minority who consider themselves to be the region’s indigenous people.

Several Assyrian villages were seized by ISIS fighters in neighboring Syria in recent days and at least 220 Assyrians kidnapped in the process.

It’s bad enough to take sledge hammers to their historical treasures, but when they take sledge hammers—and worse—to the Assyrians themselves, I’ll spare you the pictures.


Grubby Gruber

Aw, gee. I hope he doesn’t turn to terrorism:

Jonathan Gruber, the consultant who said ObamaCare became law due to the “stupidity of the American voter,” was fired from the board of the Massachusetts health exchange on Wednesday.

Gov. Charlie Baker (R) asked Gruber, an MIT professor, to resign, along with three other members of the board, accoring [sic] to the governor’s office.

All three complied.

The architect of ObamaCare is in trouble in another New England state:

In a 54-page memo, Vermont State Auditor Doug Hoffer confirms that embattled Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber overbilled the state in invoices he submitted for work Gruber claims was performed by research assistants.

“The evidence suggests that Dr. Gruber overstated the hours worked by the RA, but we have insufficient documentation to say any more about his inconsistencies and questionable billing practices. I have referred the matter to the Attorney General for his consideration, which is standard procedure in such circumstances,” Hoffer said in the conclusion of his memo, released Monday.

As Breitbart News reported earlier, Gruber also faces unanswered questions about his billing practices for work performed for the State of Minnesota.

Take a number, Minnesota. The line to sue this son of a bitch forms to the right.

The whole house of cards Gruber built is falling down around him, and the architect of ObamaCare is revealed to be the Joker that everyone should have seen him to be.

More here.


Jihadi John Had a Job

E-I-E-I-keel you!

The world knows him as “Jihadi John,” the masked man with a British accent who has beheaded several hostages held by the Islamic State and who taunts audiences in videos circulated widely online.

But his real name, according to friends and others familiar with his case, is Mohammed Emwazi, a Briton from a well-to-do family who grew up in West London and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming. He is believed to have traveled to Syria around 2012 and to have later joined the Islamic State, the group whose barbarity he has come to symbolize.

The Kuwaiti-born Emwazi, in his mid-20s, appears to have left little trail on social media or elsewhere online. Those who knew him say he was polite and had a penchant for wearing stylish clothes while adhering to the tenets of his Islamic faith. He had a beard and was mindful of making eye contact with women, friends said.

He was raised in a middle-class neighborhood in London and on occasion prayed at a mosque in Greenwich.

Emwazi decided to move to his birthplace, Kuwait, where he landed a job working for a computer company, according to the e-mails he wrote to Qureshi. He came back to London twice, the second time to finalize his wedding plans to a woman in Kuwait.

A job and a wife! I guess he still has a job, only he employs knife strokes in place of keystrokes.

These “Brooklyn men” had jobs too:

Three men from Brooklyn have been arrested and charged with trying to help the Islamic State, according to a criminal complaint unsealed in federal court on Wednesday.

They had also discussed harming President Obama and carrying out attacks in the United States if they were unable to travel overseas. One of the three men was arrested while trying to fly to Turkey, where authorities say he planned to head to the border with Syria to meet with representatives from the Islamic State. Another of the men planned to follow him there next month, while the third man was helping finance some of these travel efforts.

Juraboev, 24, and Habibov, 30, are both citizens of Uzbekistan; Saidakhmetov, 19, is a citizen of Kazakhstan. The complaint says that Juraboev and Saidakhmetov, who were set to appear Wednesday at the U.S. courthouse in Brooklyn, are legal, permanent residents of the country; Habibov, who is not described that way, appeared at the U.S. courthouse in Jacksonville, Fla. The three men each face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for attempting to join Islamic State, which is also known as ISIL or ISIS.

Federal agents visited Juraboev at his home last August after seeing postings on a Web site that promoted Islamic State to Uzbek audiences, the complaint said. These postings discussed whether someone in the United States could swear an oath to Islamic State and discussed killing Obama.

“I am in USA now but we don’t have any arms,” the post said. “But is it possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs anyway while here? What I’m saying is, to shoot Obama and then get shot ourselves, will it do? That will strike fear in the hearts of infidels.”

Habibov runs mall kiosks that fix cellphones and sell kitchenware in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to the complaint, and Saidakhmetov worked for him at some of these kiosks last year.

Legal immigrants, gainfully employed, living the American Dream—and they still wanted to blow sh*t up. Marie Harf is going to take this awfully hard.


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